Live happily ever after

"Let's get divorced!" A phrase opened the beginning of black humour. My marriage was terminated by a fake divorce. I was also deceived by a cheating husband. A depravity, even with the male god at university again entangled, I am determined to take revenge on the man. It's just that I didn't want to start a night of marriage. I went to the irretrievable wedding day secretly.


7. Break

The necklace on my hand had been broken by me, and I threw it to Xu Jiayi in front of me. "Why, are you so poor? Even a necklace must steal my courtesy to her? " Xu Jiayi was said to be red in my face, and Wu Xueshan saw that he pulled him behind me, and I drew close to my face, staring at their hands, and the scene began to fall into silence.

At last Wu Xueshan was unable to breathe, and sneered, "don't forget, you are divorced!"

Yes, I've been divorced.

"My front foot just divorced, you two can't wait to hook up." I trembled all over Xu Jiayi's eyes, and I fiercely bit the tip of my tongue: "you are really hungry." Xu Jiayi's appearance of a modest and modest gentleman on weekdays did not expect him to be so shameless.

I remember when I talked about Wu Xueshan a while ago, Xu Jiayi vowed to promise me that it would be a joke now. Even myself, it's a joke.

Wu Xueshan, who was not waiting for Xu Jiayi to speak, was eager to reply: "what kind of goods do I have?" I can't bear it any more. Your ex husband has been with me for more than half a year. You deserve to be married for a lifetime.

Wu Xueshan's words are like a drink. If Xu Jiayi and her stay together for half a year, is there any other purpose for me to divorce? I glared at my teeth and said to Xu Jiayi, "so you just want to throw me off on the grounds of demolition?"

Xu Jiayi has arranged his emotions and stood up against Wu Xueshan. He has finished his collar: "that's not." Then there was a sneer: "there is no such thing as demolition."

I have a stiff body and no longer move.

"There is no such thing as demolition at all!" He repeated it again, with a clear word.

Xu Jiayi's voice seemed to pass far away. When I reached my ear, I heard only a few words.

Since there is no demolition, what is the house? Why do you want a divorce? I feel as if I can't breathe, my brain is spinning fast and I'm looking at everything around me.

"Jiayi is just trying to cheat you. It's not like this. How can you get rid of your family and have nothing to do with us?" Wu Xueshan seemed to have found a point that struck me, and stepped on it.

Yes, I broke up with Xu Jiayi peacefully and signed a divorce agreement because he said the house was close to his company, so the ownership of the house belonged to him, and I didn't get anything.

As for the deposits of our two people, I never thought of taking them out when I moved out. Xu Jiayi was in custody on weekdays. Once he proudly praised me, others are all wives, and our wives are so democratic. Now I want to come. My tolerance these years has given him reasons and capital to derail.

Before I think of it, I could not help but miss my aunt's words. Those two houses are just excuses for divorce.

No wonder Wu Xueshan came to my house that day and urged me to divorce. I thought she could not see me. I didn't expect her to have an adultery relationship with Xu Jiayi. Without my knowledge, they had already set a trap for me to drill in. And not only did he come to the real estate, he did not pay any price for his derailment.

If it hadn't been for my surprise tonight, maybe four months later it would have been deserted.

But now it is not the time to hurt the spring and autumn. I open my eyes and open a chair to sit up. I can't help laughing. I smile and wipe the tears of the corner of my eyes.

"You're crazy!" Xu Jiayi also took care of the side of Wu Xueshan. When I laughed quickly, I looked at them. "Xu Jiayi, I didn't expect you to be quiet and nauseous."

"Just like an old woman with a bottle, you should be a treasure. It's really hard for you both. It's so hard to play. "

Wu Xueshan's face changed, and I sneered in my heart.

"How do you feel about raising children for others?"

Xu Jiayi's good face was broken, and he put his finger out to the door with a black face. "Roll it for me!"

I accepted a smile and carefully looked at the appearance of these two people in my mind. Wu Xueshan was dodged by my eyes. I turned around with impassive expression and knocked at the door.

When I closed the door, my strength seemed to be drained away. I didn't turn on the lights in the corridor. I leaned against the armrest and walked slowly down. Thinking of these two days, I slapped myself. I lost all, but I couldn't get all my people to be punished. I felt like a fool.

I relied on the memory of these two years to walk out of the neighborhood in the dark and walk back and forth in the street. For a moment, all the emotions came up. This is even more unbearable than the shame of Rong Yilian.

Unwittingly, I went to a bar. I had been too focused on my work. I had never wandered around the bar. And now I just want to find a place to drink and indulge.

At the door, the boy gave me a strange look. No wonder I'm used to it.

Instead of looking at the edge, I sat down at the bar and picked up the cup and drank it. After drinking, I knew that a man was next to me. I was not in the mood to apologize. He saw me in a bad mood and ordered another cup for me. I smiled dismal, and the stranger in the late night was more than a few years in the same bed.

In a trance, I suddenly remembered that the last time I was drunk was five years ago, and I was irritated by the humiliation of Rong Zhiliang in public. I was a little young, very sad. Now, enough to live up to old age, I have formed my experience, but I am still injured.

I grabbed the bottle directly from the bartender and gulp it down: "you know, once a person is stupid, he can't break it, that is to deserve it." My eyes flicker, I grabbed a bottle of wine, left and right hand each bottle, full of irrigation.

When I was losing strength, I fell on the bar, my eyes widened and I whispered to myself, "... This is true... Nothing has gone... "

"How are you here?"

A familiar voice came from the top of my head.

I blinked a few blinks in my confusion.

I moved to the edge of my position, sat down and sat down, poured a glass of wine, slanted my mouth and picked up a strand of my hair: "Lin, I really look at you."

He leaned over and whispered to me: "how much do you like me? Well? "


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