Live happily ever after

"Let's get divorced!" A phrase opened the beginning of black humour. My marriage was terminated by a fake divorce. I was also deceived by a cheating husband. A depravity, even with the male god at university again entangled, I am determined to take revenge on the man. It's just that I didn't want to start a night of marriage. I went to the irretrievable wedding day secretly.


6. Betray

One minute before leaving work, I ran out of the company with my bag. When I ran to the subway station, I stopped to breathe heavily.

When I waited, I remembered that Xu and I were divorced while the direction of the subway was opposite to that of the hotel. I sighed and went back slowly.

I also began to look forward to the life after the demolition. With Xu Jiayi, it's a little bland. The road was thinking of God, and Aunt Li called me.

"Ah, Miss Lin, how are you here?"

Aunt Lee is in charge of many areas, and it is not surprising to meet her here. I laughed awkwardly: "come here and stroll around."

"You're divorced," said Mr. Xu. Aunt Li pulled me aside and looked at her face.

I hesitated for a moment, then I was annoyed that Xu Jiayi should let out the wind so soon. Forced to feel sad, I smiled and nodded to Aunt Li.

Aunt Li sighed several times and began to accuse: "you say that you are a girl's family, divorced even the house has not contended, the day will be very sad."

I patted her hand and said, "Aunt Li, thank you."

She sighed and continued to sweep the floor.

After he took office, he changed his overtime system, and I didn't work overtime like before. But as soon as I arrived at the hotel, I felt cold and cold. Thinking of Xu Jiayi, I was both angry and guilty, and I was annoyed that he was so quick to pass on the divorce. The guilt was that I had been home late, so an empty house would not know if he would feel cold or not. Late at night I suddenly remembered that the clothes and necklaces were still at home, and I was still idle, not as good as the past. I felt the key in the bag and sat on the car.

When I got off, I went to the supermarket to buy some dishes, and I didn't know how Xu Jiayi had passed these two days. For so long, he would only do simple pasta. If he had been eating for three or four months, it was estimated to be anorexic. Thinking of this, I had to shake my head, though our life was very dull, but the feeling in this meal was very deep.

I humming the song upstairs and creeping open the door, trying to shout a surprise to Xu Jiayi. But I didn't realize that the scene immediately made me lose my head. I stood quietly at the door, and then I closed the door. All the love and guilt disappeared in a flash, replaced by boundless hate.

The house of Xu Jiayi and I, the day before, we also conscientiously cleaned it, from inside to outside, spotlessly clean. Now, on the sofa of the living room, my husband and neighbor are lying, Wu Xueshan!

Xu Jiayi threw himself on Wu Xueshan, and the two of them were naked. Seeing me, Xu Jiayi fell down from the sofa in horror. Wu Xueshan screamed, dressed in flurried clothes and trousers. The clock on the wall is "ticking". I moved my empty steps and realized that Xu Jiayi had gone off the rails.

After the reaction, I screamed in a crazy voice, and I threw my vegetables on Wu Xueshan's body. Wu Xueshan was frightened and screamed by a well handled fish. The fish was still beating when it was thrown to the ground, and the smell of the fish filled the room. Wu Xueshan picked up the blanket and rubbed it. Xu Jiayi had always hated the smell of fish, and he kept moving back, staring at me. I kept shouting and shouting that my voice was hoarse before I began to shout, "Xu Jiayi, you shameless beast." I walked around and picked up the vase on the shelf and threw it on him. Wu Xueshan screamed in terror. The voices of our two men mixed up, and my head began to ache.

"I've been out there for a day, and you've got to do with this bitch who doesn't know how many people have been riding!" There are still leftover meals on the table. I think these two bitches have already eaten. Looking at the dishes I threw on the ground, I laughed and picked up the plate and hit them. One after another, I smashed the ground. The spattering pieces were on my hand and a blood mark was drawn. Xu Jiayi and Wu Xueshan were hiding everywhere, but they were still smashed by plates. Xu Jiayi shouted, "Lin Wan, calm down!"

Chill? When I threw potatoes to him two days ago, he also made me calm. But now, two years of marriage, he dares to carry me to bed with others. I think to Wu Xueshan, there's a way to tear her to pieces.

"Wu Xueshan! You have done little three, and you have to hook up other people's husbands. " I raised my chair and walked towards her: "I'll let you seduce!" Let you seduce! You are a bitch! " Wu Xueshan didn't have time to hide. The chair in my hand hit her unevenly. She cried out in pain, "come on, Jiayi! Lin is going to kill me! "

Xu Jiayi was able to react to this. He threw his chair across my chair and walked to Wu Xueshan. When he put the clothes on Wu Xueshan's body, I suddenly saw that this woman hung my necklace around her neck. She used to praise that this necklace was very delicate, and now she hung it on her neck. Not only the necklace, but my husband is on her, too! Thinking of this, I feel that my whole people are burning up!

I hurried to the window and pulled down the curtains. Wu Xueshan kept hiding. I laughed and said, "since you have done it, are you afraid of people? Come on! Let the whole community look at what you are! What do you hide! '

When I saw Xu Jiayi still on her, I went straight up, pulled Xu Jiayi out of my body, dragged Wu Xueshan's hair, and struck down her scream, and then pulled the necklace off her neck. No surprise, Wu Xueshan was another scream.

Before I could play the two slap, Xu Jiayi grabbed my hand and pushed me aside.

"You shrew! Do not make enough! "

My husband was always modest and gentle. Although our relationship was not as good as when we were in love, we never had such a situation. At the moment, he pushed me to the ground for another woman and scolded me.

I couldn't help laughing, "Xu Jiayi, you fucking blame me for such a broken shoe!"

Without Xu Jiayi's opening, Wu Xueshan had stood up and changed his gentle appearance. He stood with Xu Jiayi and scolded. "Lin, you have this kind of goods, how to stay a man!"

"Do not understand the customs, like a shrew like shouting, shouting and killing. I tell you, with your beauty, your man can only be on me! "

I stood alone opposite myself and clenched my fist tightly.


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