Ultimate God of sword

Tian Ling mainland, the martial arts is respect! The strong can roam the world, Wei Zhen Shan River, turn over the sky, destroy the sun and moon. Lin Chen, a young martial arts master in China, came to this world with a mysterious little tripod with huge powers. Since then, the tripod has become so powerful it could make a vast sea of fish leap and make the sky shake. Let's see how Lin Chen set foot on the peak and became the master step by step in this martial arts world.


14. You did it all?

Most of the monsters in the outer area of the mountain range of merlin are from the first level to the third level, which is the most suitable for those who practice martial arts in physical environments.

In general, linchen is could be avoided as far as possible to avoid, if really can't avoid, can appear, like just picking thousand flowers, the flowers are in the several thousand inflammation practitioners in front, if linchen don't appear, then thousand flowers were picked each other.

"So far, sixteen task, I've already finished 15, a total of $one hundred and thirty-eight contribution to the point, the only pity is that rhino iron cow didn't find, or slay the rhinoceros iron cow, is more than ten contribution points."

Lin Chen said to himself.

I can't find it. Lin Chen can't help it.

"With the predecessor's remaining one hundred and thirty-three contribution points, my current total contribution points is two hundred and seventy-one, distance for a chance to rush days roshan shakotan coast five hundred contribution points, two hundred and twenty-nine short of!"

"I have almost two months to go to the tienluo mountain, and I should be able to raise the remaining two hundred and twenty-nine points." After making up his mind, Lin Chen thought to himself, he did not waste any more time.

After three days.

Tiangjizong, mission hall.

When Lin Chen put all the collected mission materials on the counter, there was an uproar in the mission hall.

The mission hall elder looked at Lin Chen in astonishment and said, "Lin Chen, did you accomplish all these tasks alone?"

Lin Chen smiled quietly and said, "exactly!"

Linchen has affirmed, the task is more shocked the church elders, if linchen said he was done with others, he wouldn't have been so rude, but this 15 tasks, all done by a person, this had to let him feel incredible.

The disciple monster to see around the general looked at linchen, some for the higher disciple, at a glance saw linchen is, low shout a way: "the teacher younger brother repair for smelting body early in the fifth heavy, however, has completed the slay order monster beast in the secondary task, it is incredible!"

Level 2 middle class monster, but equivalent to the body of the fifth heavy later training for the martial arts, kill a head, can be said to be lucky, but can kill a number of heads, can not be explained by luck.

Especially the fifty - year qianyan flowers picked by Lin Chen, that is to go deep into the territory of the vulture.

Lin Chen ignored the surprise of the many disciples around him. After the commander of the mission hall recorded his work and saw that there were 138 more points of contribution in the nameplate, he began to select tasks again.

This time, Lin Chen chose 28 tasks! Together, the total value is nearly three hundred contribution points, all finished, then Lin Chen desperately needs 500 contribution points is enough.

The disciples around looked at Lin Chen stupidly as he chose a task that was worth nearly 300 points. Even if it was a group of five, they could not say that they could accomplish it.

Lin Chen finished his task and hurried north to the merlin mountains.

After waiting for Lin Chen to leave for a long time, many disciples and elders in the mission hall just responded, one by one, deeply exclamation, others are doing tasks one by one, but Lin Chen is doing tasks dozens at a time.


At the same time, the celestial pole outside door a compound, the injury of li with the bitterness of standing in front of a thin youth, there are a number of disciples around, each build for over 6 heavy burden is refined throughout the body.

"Xiaochuan, do you mean that Lin Chen didn't want to hand over peiyuan liquid and hurt you?" The thin young man was carrying a long sword.

Li chuan gave a sharp nod and said: "yes, ma ge, that Lin Chen really is too ignorant! He knows not how to be wise without a lesson.

Li chuan had come to see li shan when he heard that his elder brother li shan had returned from training, but he did not see li shan, but a good friend of li shan, ma liang.

Ma liang was a disciple of the outer gate, but he was already the seventh highest peak in the realm of physical fitness. In terms of strength, he could rank among the top ten in the outer gate.

"So you're here to find your brother to deal with Lin Chen?" Ma liang glanced at li chuan.

Li chuan's face turned red at the words, and he had the idea, but now he thought of it and felt ashamed. The elder brother, li shan, a disciple of the inner door, bent down to deal with an unknown disciple of the outer door.

"Malang, who did you say hurt my brother?" Just then, a strong voice suddenly sounded, and a large young man strode in through the door.

Seeing this person, li chuan was very happy and said with surprise, "brother!"

The burly young man is no other than li chuan's elder brother, li shan!

Li early twenties, celestial pole of the inner disciple, fix for is refined throughout the body top nine, one step can be advanced plough, but body condition practitioners want to break through the advanced smelting plough land, is not so easy, and li stuck in smelting body in peak has one and a half years, nine still failed to advanced plough land.

In order to break through, li shan has been working on a mission to earn contributions.

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