Ultimate God of sword

Tian Ling mainland, the martial arts is respect! The strong can roam the world, Wei Zhen Shan River, turn over the sky, destroy the sun and moon. Lin Chen, a young martial arts master in China, came to this world with a mysterious little tripod with huge powers. Since then, the tripod has become so powerful it could make a vast sea of fish leap and make the sky shake. Let's see how Lin Chen set foot on the peak and became the master step by step in this martial arts world.


12. Xue Lingyun

With a wave of his hand, Lin Chen would take out fifty pieces of inferior lingshi to give to the middle-aged man, who could not help but take a breath.

All around the fighters saw that Lin Chen had really bought the sword, one after another shouted: "the black sheep."

Lin Chen paid no attention to the fighters around him. After handing the lingshi to the middle-aged man, he picked up the broken sword and turned to leave.

All around the martial arts are a leng, and a black family?

Just at this moment, a 14 year old girl came along, and look handsome face, a white dress, have a temperament of the silt but not imbrued, a girl came and linchen immediately feel a smell of earth pressure, even slightly cumbersome body of qi.

"Good thick true spirit, this girl is the tiangang border warrior." There was a flash of surprise in Lin Chen's eyes. She was about the same age as Lin Chen.

This girl is a genius.

The girl in the white dress walked up to Lin Chen and looked at him without blinking. "I want this broken sword.

"The offer? I'm sorry, but I love this sword. I can't sell it to you." Lin Chen shook his head and said no.

"Give it away? The girl frowned and said, "you just bought this broken sword for 50 pieces of inferior lingshi. I will give you 200 pieces of lingshi.

If it is something else, linchen let out also just as well, still can make a plough condition of genius girl, but the broken blade can lead to the small ding vibration in mind, there must be some uncommon, linchen back look at even, how can we give to others.

Seeing that Lin Chen did not speak, the girl in the white dress opened her mouth again.

"What? Surrounded by the crowd of onlookers Fried the pot, who did not think that this girl should give 300 pieces of hearse stone, buy this broken sword.

At present this corrupt family a hand, another hand down, can make a steady 250 pieces of inferior quality stone ah!

Who dares to say that he is a black sheep?

The middle-aged man who had previously sold the broken sword was completely stunned, and his face kept changing. He did not know how sorry he was to have sold it.

The girl was xue lingyun, who came from tianji library. Although she is young, but have a lot of eye, can see the broken sword is a real antiquities, for people like to collect antiquities, the handle is broken sword or more valuable, buy it for her like grandpa collection of antiquities.

Lin Chen took a look at the girl, not quite understanding why the other side wanted the broken sword so much, did you also see the significance of the sword? It is unlikely that he is against the small ding found the broken sword handle, and still not sure where is uncommon, this girl is highest day fighters, but not enough to have such a vision.

Linchen carefully thought for a while, said: "girl, next is very like the handle broken sword, let alone is three hundred inferior LingShi, even three thousand inferior LingShi, I also won't sell, money doesn't buy a glad."

"Can't a thousand gold buy you joy? Yun er did not quite understand what this meant, but she knew that the sword was unlikely to be bought. Three thousand pieces of lingshi are enough to buy a decent antique from a treasure shop that specializes in antique goods. Why buy a broken sword with an unknown origin in this street stall?

"Three thousand inferior lingshi, you really dare the lion to open his mouth, in this case, I do not want this broken sword, you keep it for yourself." Xue lingyun took a look at Lin Chen and smiled. "look at you.

"Yes." Lin Chen didn't know what the other party wanted to ask, but could only answer honestly.

"You are a disciple of the outer door. Have you ever known a man named Lin Chen?" Xue lingyun was still thinking about Lin Chen mentioned by the elder of the fortress, when he met a disciple of the outer gate.

Linchen paused, this should be a white skirt girl who disciple of celestial pole of fifteen highest day disciple, even if the disciple of the inner door is also a high status, how suddenly asked a door of the disciple? If you ask someone else, that's all, but this girl's concern is herself!

"Why would they know my name? Seems interested in me Lin Chen had several thoughts in his mind, but he never understood them, but he did not want to cause trouble or waste time, so he had to pretend to be silly: "I'm sorry, but I haven't heard of this name."

"That's right. So many foreign students, looking for any one of them, expect to know that Lin Chen. Xue lingyun took another look at Lin Chen and smiled. "you remember, my name is xue lingyun.

With that, xue lingyun turned around and disappeared into the crowd.

Lin Chen watched the girl's figure disappear. Some monks were puzzled, but he still had a lot of things to do. Since the other side knows him, with that girl's position, early evening finds him, then does not know the cause and effect.

"Xue lingyun, I remember the name, not only a talented girl, but also a beautiful embryo." Lin Chen smiled and turned away.

Before the booth, there were only four weeks of a group of people sighing thousands of martial arts and a lost soul of the stall owner.

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