Ultimate God of sword

Tian Ling mainland, the martial arts is respect! The strong can roam the world, Wei Zhen Shan River, turn over the sky, destroy the sun and moon. Lin Chen, a young martial arts master in China, came to this world with a mysterious little tripod with huge powers. Since then, the tripod has become so powerful it could make a vast sea of fish leap and make the sky shake. Let's see how Lin Chen set foot on the peak and became the master step by step in this martial arts world.


2. Tripod

"In Tianji, we can pursue the martial arts with one's heart and soul, and return to the family business. It is necessary to deal with all kinds of tedious things. It is certainly not good for practice. More importantly, the Tianji sect is still on a spiritual vein. The spirit of heaven and earth is rich and incomparable. It's a strong place. "   Although Lin is not yet seventeen years old, but it is only two years left, if this year can not get the opportunity to break the Luoshan secret, next year will be more difficult. If it is not successful for two years, it can only be arranged in the family and become a small deacon in the family. And so, it will be difficult to pursue the martial arts.   In this case, Lin Chen did not want to accept it. Now Lin Chen does not want to see it.   "It seems that the top priority is to earn five hundred contribution points as quickly as possible." "I spent a year and a half and raised less than one hundred and fifty of the contribution of my predecessor," Lin Chen said, "or he was risking his death in the murrain mountains to hunt for the monster."   "Want to make a quick contribution, only to go to the mission to get the mission, entering the mun mountains hunting the high - order monster, now three months from the secret of Luoshan, that is to say, in the next three months, I must improve the strength as soon as possible, hunting the high - order beasts to obtain contributions, and then the secret of Luoshan..."   Thinking of it, Lin Chen took a deep breath and his eyes were somewhat excited. In his previous life, he studied more than twenty years of martial arts, and had been thinking about how to cultivate the real gas in the body, but the spirit of the world was thin, it was not suitable for practicing the real gas, and could not break through the peak of the martial arts.   And the spirit of heaven and earth is much stronger than that of the past.   "In the last world, I was able to become a generation of martial arts masters in the rarefied Shenzhou earth. This world, the spirit of the continent is full of spirit, and then, I can also become the strong man of the mountain of heaven!"   Lin Chen's eyes shone with confidence and shine.   His eyes were closed, and he felt the real air in the field.   But then there was a buzz in his head, which made him temporarily in a trance.   Lin Chen closed his eyes, only in his mind, a golden three foot tripod floating in the air, from the tripod in a faint diffusion of mist spread the whole brain cover, just as the world is covered with the fog of the general.   "This little tripod... How can it be in my mind? " Looking at the small tripod in mind, Lin Chen's heart is astonished.   The little tripod floating in his mind is not unfamiliar to Lin Chen. This is a piece of ornament worn by his previous life. It is a ancestral thing. Lin Chen practicing boxing, wearing this small tripod, has a calm effect.   But why does this small tripod go into its own mind with its own time and space?   More and more fog diffuses, and becomes more and more mellow. After a moment, it is absorbed by the brain domain. Every time we absorb one point, the brain domain expands.   When Lin opened his eyes, he felt refreshing and refreshing for a time. His eyes were like the stars. All the eyes were clearer. The ears became more intelligent, even the sound of a far distance. At the moment, it could be heard as clearly as near the ear.   Once the head was changed, it became more intelligent, light and perceptive.   "This little tripod seems to be very helpful to me!"   The history of the three foot small tripod, Lin Chen's previous life is not clear, I do not know which generation from the ancestors began to inherit, has been spread to their own hands, because of the help of boxing, Lin has been wearing the body.   At the moment, the fog of the three feet of the small tripod is moistening Lin Chen's brain domain, bringing benefits that can not be explained.   After pondering half the noise, he still did not know what was going on. Lin Chen simply did not think about it. He turned over and went out of bed, washed and lifted his sword into the yard.   "After three months, I am going to break through the secret of Luoshan. I must improve my strength as soon as possible."   In the memory of Lin Chen, the martial road score is a great state, in which the physical boundary is a good time to lay the foundation. It is divided into nine heavy periods, one heavy skin, double refining, three retending, four heavy bone, five weight refining, six heavy blood refining, seven heavy refining, eight heavy refining and nine refinery.   After the temper, it is the boundary of the Tian Gang.   In the yard, Lin Chen stood in his sword and said in his mouth, "my predecessor, after entering Tianji, has been practicing the Seven Star chain sword, and has learned the first to the sixth style, but it has been stuck in the seventh form and has never been practiced."   "This seven star chain sword is divided into seven types, seven forms of sword trick are used to spread and extend to the Dacheng, which can release the long sword spirit, and the power is extremely great. In my memory, there were disciples who relied on the powerful sword of the Seven Star chain sword, and defeated the two people who had their own realm. The predecessor worship the celestial sect has been practicing this seven star chain sword, that is to train the Seven Star chain sword to Dacheng, and then break into the secret of Luoshan.   Lin Chen shakes his head slightly, "most of the secrets of Luoshan are eighth heavy, Ninth heavy foreign disciples, and I'm afraid this seven star chain sword is not enough to cope with."   Lin Chen closed his eyes, the seven star sword of the sword flashing in his mind, after a moment, his eyes suddenly opened, the fine steel sword in his hand slanted spines, the Seven Star chain sword first cast, and the past obscure different, this time the action light, a natural feeling.   It is like a natural way.   Sneer!   A fallen leaf was cut across, and the fine steel sword split in two, making a slight fine noise.   Lin Chen was still unaware of the Seven Star chain sword.   The first, the second, the third,... Type 6, seventh!   Gradually, Lin Chen's seven star series of swords separated from the shackles, the movement is getting faster and more flexible, just like this sword method clear like the heart, already practiced hundreds of thousands of times.   When the Seven Star serial sword was shown in the seventh style, a nearly one meter long sword gas rushed out of the fine steel sword and bombed on a hundred kilograms of huge stone.   Bang!   The rock burst.   "It was practiced!"    
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