Ultimate God of sword

Tian Ling mainland, the martial arts is respect! The strong can roam the world, Wei Zhen Shan River, turn over the sky, destroy the sun and moon. Lin Chen, a young martial arts master in China, came to this world with a mysterious little tripod with huge powers. Since then, the tripod has become so powerful it could make a vast sea of fish leap and make the sky shake. Let's see how Lin Chen set foot on the peak and became the master step by step in this martial arts world.


9. Refined pulp

After a while, he picked it out on his brow and said to himself, "the little tripod in my mind may have more than this effect."

Lin Chen has not yet discovered the secret of xiaoding, but he believes that he will find out about it sooner or later.

Without thinking too much, Lin Chen immediately closed his eyes and felt happy after being purified by xiaoding just now.

Lin Chen felt it carefully, but he saw that his true spirit in the red field had grown a lot, and even faintly, there were strands of true spirit, which entered the bone marrow through the skeleton.

See this situation, Lin Chen in the heart of a happy, the refining body is divided into nine, the fourth is the refining of bone, the fifth is the refining of marrow, and into the refining body is the fifth symbol, is the true spirit into the marrow!

"So calculate come, oneself also is half a foot step into the refined body the fifth heavy wu person, perhaps.. It is not impossible to break through to the fifth weight of the body tonight.

Thinking of this, Lin Chen glanced at another bottle of peiyuan liquid beside him. Suddenly, he took a deep breath.

Then he sat cross-legged, his eyes slightly closed, motionless.

Time passed minute by second.

Half an hour later.

Linchen cross legs sitting on the bed, suddenly burst into a sharp, a more full-bodied than previous qi from flocking in the body, into a lot of the fog around the whole house, just like the sea of clouds.

In addition, his skin also secreted a lot of black matter, a kind of drill heart pit, like ants in the bone marrow of the itching spread out, let his face slightly unnatural.

After a while, Lin Chen suddenly opened his eyes and let out a loud, cheerful roar, as if to release the joy from his heart.

"Breakthrough, the body of the fifth heavy, pith of the state!"

Linchen face a pleased, "as far as I know, at this build for phase I, even the best talent in the science of uniting the disciple wants to boost for the first order, and at least one or two months, use only three days and I raised two consecutive order, if they know that I the science of uniting the speed, don't know what will be surprised into."

Lin Chen was so happy that he came to the courtyard to wash his body with cold water and went back to the house to sleep sweetly.

The second day.

Lin Chen got up early in the morning, and after collecting some necessary supplies, he walked to a small market at the foot of the mountain.

Linchen is intended to make contribution to the hall to receive task today to task, but now that he knows little tripod head can refining Dan medicine essence, it can't waste this effect, so the linchen change idea, first go to the market, bought some thrift school and auxiliary with Dan medicine, used to uniting the ascension.

"Fortunately, li chuan got 300 pieces of lingshi from them, otherwise I'm afraid I don't have any of them." Lin Chen thought to himself, quickening his pace.


Same time.

Halfway up the mountain in the library, eyes slightly closed, the old man in white who guarded the library suddenly opened his eyes and smiled faintly at a girl of fourteen or five years old in front of him.

But the girl was angry and angry, and she had a sword in her hand. When she saw the old man in white, she smiled weakly.

"Ha ha, yun er, I think this seven-star chain sword is good. Why don't you want to practice?" The old man in the white robe said with a laugh when he saw the lovely face of the young girl who was wronged and dissatisfied.

"Two grandfather, you have not practiced, where know this jianfa good. And you don't know how hard it's going to be. I've been working hard every day for more than half a month, but I don't know the seventh. The girl grunted disapprovingly and said angrily.

Half a month ago, white old man had the seven serial sword to the girl, the latter wushu talent also forget it, not to the half a month of time, will be seven serial sword first six type society, but the seventh type, but failed to practice, young girl chafing into anger, questioned white robe elder is that scene.

"Your current repair for the early days of the gang, martial arts talent is also far more extraordinary people, I originally thought you should be able to understand this seven-star serial sword of the seventh only right."

"But, you don't have to be discouraged, do not deceive you this little girl, when I also practiced the seven serial swords, more than three months on the card in the seventh, delays in breakthrough, so I also went to other training jianfa."

"What? Grandpa, did you really practice this? And didn't it work out?" The girl looked surprised. She knew the power of the white-robed old man.

"Ha ha, this is not what glorious matter again, how can I deceive you this little wench?" The old man in white smiled.

"Hum!" The young girl some dissatisfaction, "even two grandfather you all have not been able to practice, still let me practice, isn't this to intentionally see my joke?"

White old man shook his head slowly: "in the sword at the same level, the power of the seven serial swords is rather large, so many practicing sword disciples will choose to try, but, who can practice type 7, are few and far between. I thought you could become a girl, so let you try But it's not a big deal if you don't get it. There's something better for you."

"I don't think anyone can practice it at all. It's too hard!" "Said the girl, with her mouth full.

"You little girl. White man glanced at the girl some helpless, "a few days ago, I saw a devil body condition outside door disciple of fourth peak, not only will this jianfa developed, also use this sword beat three disciple is higher than he built for."

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