Ultimate God of sword

Tian Ling mainland, the martial arts is respect! The strong can roam the world, Wei Zhen Shan River, turn over the sky, destroy the sun and moon. Lin Chen, a young martial arts master in China, came to this world with a mysterious little tripod with huge powers. Since then, the tripod has become so powerful it could make a vast sea of fish leap and make the sky shake. Let's see how Lin Chen set foot on the peak and became the master step by step in this martial arts world.


3. Provocation

The sword stand, Lin Chen eyes flashed a touch of joy, but also some incredible: "The predecessor has not been able to practice the seven-star serial sword Seventh, I just practiced once, incredibly so easy to practice it?"

Did not think much, Lin Chen again practice up, display sword recruit more adept, flowing, but he did not find, in his practice seven-star serial sword, his body suddenly fever, around the world between the aura like is found a vent general, crazy into his body.

Snap, pops!

A sound like fried beans sounded, will be immersed in the practice of the sword in the Lin Chen wake up. "The four peaks of the refining body, the fix also breakthrough?"

"Lin Chen one Leng, and then exultation up, in his practice sword, fix was from the final of the refining body from the final stage to the final top of the refining body." In peacetime, he wants to fix up a first-order, at least five or six weeks.

Even with Pei-yuan liquid, Ling yuan pill and other auxiliary cultivation Dan Medicine, also need three or four weeks, side may be to fix up a first-order.

This time, Lin Chen is in the practice of sword, easy breakthrough to fix, compared with the past, the speed of cultivation do not know how many times faster.

Lin Chen Deep Breath, pressure under the heart of the excitement, eyes, but see oneself in the hara inside that originally only silk strands of true gas, increased a lot, more importantly, the breath is stable, not like the general martial, breakthrough to fix the need for stability.

The whole body and bones are extremely hard, and have reached the limit of bone smelting. "The refining of the four-part of the bone is completed, the next step is the first step of the five, the pulp of the boundary." But my fix just break through, not be forced to practice, otherwise not only useless to the body, but harmful.

” Lin Chen opened his eyes, slightly pondered, and then hung a faint smile on his face said: "Can not cultivate real gas, but martial arts can also cultivate!" Just practice seven-star serial sword, I easily break through the bottleneck, will be the seventh-style training, display out of the sword gas, can be hundred Jin Boulder burst open!

” "If I remember correctly, there are a lot of strong martial arts in the library of the pole, and I will take a look at it, maybe some harvest."

Think of Here, Lin Chen can not help but some heart itching intolerable, hurried to eat lunch, then carry sword, can't wait to the hillside of the library and go.


The library is located halfway up the mountain, a green place.

The library door, the crowd surging, from the library to pick out the cheats, there are going to the library as Lin Chen such as borrow cheats.

Lin Chen slightly excited to see the towering huge collection of Attic pavilion, was about to go in, a cold voice came from behind him. "Lin Chen, you stop me!"

Lin Chenwei startled, stop to see, saw one side of the path out of three youth, led a yin prey youth is staring at Lin Chen, forehead is full of haze of color, "You've made a breakthrough?"

In this moment of kung fu, yin prey young people came to the Lin Chen before, three people slightly a feeling Lin Chen breath, immediately took a surprise. "This kid three days ago is clear or the final stage of the refining, but today has become the final peak of the refining body!"

The three of them looked at each other.

You know, Lin Chen is a one-month advance. The final stage of the final, a short period of one months, he will fix the stability of the good, did not think it is a direct breakthrough to achieve the top four of the refining body. "Hum, lucky breakthrough of Bale, with his qualification, even if fix a breakthrough, the strength is not where to go." "Yin Prey youth see Lin Chen that indifferent expression, heart quite uncomfortable, cold hum a low way," Lin Chen, you should know that we are looking for you today.

” "I don't have time to talk to you here." Lin Chen eyes a cold, but soon regained freely, look as usual, said, "I am not interested to know what you want me to do, I only know, good dog does not block the road, you now give me out of the way, I can also forgive you once."

If Lin Chen remember correctly, that yin prey young three people, it is a few days ago, the predecessor of his wounds, and rob the three people of bacon liquid!

Yin Prey youth name called Li Chuan, the other two were followed by his two outside disciples.

In his memory, Li Chuan relied on himself to have a brother who was a disciple of the inner gate, often rob some no background no force of the outside Disciple's culture, if someone dare not to hand out the bacon, be ruthless beat a meal not to say, afterwards also want double compensation, this Li Chuan block own path, must come to collect compensation.

However, the former Lin Chen have dared to refuse, not to mention the present Lin Chen?

Li Chuan Three people a listen to Lin Chen words, immediately furious, the two valet is angry will come forward to teach Lin Chen, but was Li Chuan hand stopped. He took a deep breath, some gas extremely and smiled and said: "Really did not think Ah, the 3rd when Sians, Lin Chen, you really have some skills, incredibly dare to challenge me!"

” "Just your breakthrough, today I Li Chuan will be with you to learn, if you resist my three strokes, then I will not find you trouble, but if you do not resist live ..." Knelt down to beg for mercy, after all honestly put the bacon liquid out, and not a bottle, is two bottles.

” Li Chuan jokingly look at Lin Chen, his fix itself is higher than Lin Chen two-stage, is the refining body in the middle of the second, and just will break bone claw cultivation, don't say three strokes, he has confidence a trick to beat Lin Chen.

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