Ultimate God of sword

Tian Ling mainland, the martial arts is respect! The strong can roam the world, Wei Zhen Shan River, turn over the sky, destroy the sun and moon. Lin Chen, a young martial arts master in China, came to this world with a mysterious little tripod with huge powers. Since then, the tripod has become so powerful it could make a vast sea of fish leap and make the sky shake. Let's see how Lin Chen set foot on the peak and became the master step by step in this martial arts world.


6. Collection Pavilion

Listening to this, Li Chuan three people look pale and incomparable, Lingshi is a strong spirit of stone, can be used to trade, can also be used to practice, there are inferior, medium, superior and extreme products.

The origin of the Tianji disciples in Lingshi is generally the task of making the sect, and the three hundred next product in Lingshi can make the outside disciples do the task for several months, which makes the three people in Li Chuan with a sore of meat.

"Disciples just lack some Lingshi to buy Dan Yao, there is no opinion." Lin Chen saw the old man in the white robe and looked at himself and nodded.

Lin Chen's predecessor as a result of hard to make a contribution, a total of only dozens of lower Lingshi, used to buy Dan medicine is not enough, it happened that Lin Chen is in urgent need of Dan medicine to improve the repair, and now the elder punishment Li Chuan compensation three hundred lower products Lingshi to themselves, Lin Chen will never have opinions.

Li Chuan listened to Lin Chen's words, the corners of his mouth twitched and twitched. His eyes were dark and nearly fainted. His eyes filled with hatred and stare at Lin Chen. He gnasled his teeth and said, "the disciples are punished!"

Then he took out an old guard from his arms and gave it to him.

This abstan, a name and a ring, engraved on the secret, which has a cubic meter of space, the storage space inside is too small, the production is very simple, not very precious, many foreign disciples have a spare.

Lin Chen came over and scanned it with consciousness. He saw that three hundred pieces of inferior Lingshi were just inside.

In this case, Li Chuan could not help but stare at Lin Chen's eyes. After the worship of the old man in the white robe, the three men supported each other and went far away.

When Li Chuan three people just left, they saw two out of sixteen sixteen year old disciples walking out of the library. They also whispered each other in low voices.

"Brother Wang, I heard that you made a mission in the other day, making more than 30 contributions." A tall and thin pupil admired.

"Ha ha, I am also lucky, if it is not my brother to take care of me, I have no way to complete that task, oh, brother Zhu, you are sixteen years old, the one thousand contribution to the secrets of Luoshan should be all enough to make it?" Wang said with a laugh.

"Now, I do not make up to the five hundred contribution point, from the one thousand contribution point early, it is Wang brother, now should have about one thousand points, to the strength of brother Wang, the secret of the day Luoshan is not a problem, then Wang brother entered the inner door, and also look after a lot of teachers and younger brother." Zhu's disciples said bitterness, and some of them said obstinding.

"Yes, yes, you've helped me a lot during this time. As long as I enter the door, I can't help you with your busy schedule."

The two men kept a secret voice, and suddenly saw the old white robe beside Lin Chen, with a look of reverence, respectfully respectfully respectfully: "disciple Wang Yifan meets the elders!"

"Zhu Feng, the disciple, met the elders!"

The two people, a respectful and respectful look, seemed to be in awe of the old white robe, and at the same time took a few eyes on Lin Chen. Obviously, it was very doubtful of a foreign disciple of the fourth highest peak of the refinery.

"Well, go." The old white robe had a light head.

"The disciples retire." The two men returned with a respectful warning. After a deep look at Lin Chen, they left for a long distance.

Lin Chen has been standing at the side of the old white robe, not moving, but some silence, "only three months is to break the sky Luoshan secret, and their contribution is still less than one hundred and fifty, the distance to exchange a day Luoshan secret opportunity five hundred contribution point, still less than half."

Thinking of this place, Lin Chen firmly shook his fist and fixed his eyes on the book store behind the old white robe. He must improve his strength as soon as possible and earn his contribution.

"Lin Chen, you only rely on the Seven Star link sword, you want to break the sky Luoshan secret situation is still some difficulties, you come here, is the thought of the collection of books cabinet martial arts secrets?" The old man of white tunic discovered the change of Lin Chen, suddenly said.

"Yes, the disciples think so, so they want to go to the library to choose their own martial arts skills to enhance their strength."

"Well! But the foreign disciples can only choose the lower order and the middle order of the yellow class, the yellow class, the top and the lower order of the lower order need five hundred, eight hundred and one thousand and two hundred contribution points respectively. Do you want to exchange the martial arts, or choose the lower order of the yellow class, or the middle order martial skill? The old white robe laughed.

Contribution to the exchange of martial arts?

He is still trying to find a way to raise the five hundred contribution point of the opportunity to enter Luoshan's secret world. Where are there any extra skills to exchange skills?

Lin Chen took a deep breath and smiled bitterly. "The disciples chose Huang Ji Zhong Ji martial arts."

"Oh, so well, there are many powerful forces in the yellow class, and you follow me." The old man in the white robe suddenly realized that Lin Chen may not have any extra contributions now, and nodded his head towards the library.

The first floor of the library.

"Ling snake boxing, yellow grade middle level martial arts, training to Dacheng, double fist can be as smart as snake, attack uncanny and elusive." Between the third rows and the fourth rows of bookshelves, Lin Chen held a ten page book in his hands. His eyebrows were wrinkled. "This snake fight is not suitable for me to give up."

"The strong wind palm, the yellow grade middle level martial arts, the training reaches the Dacheng, but one palm hits the heat wave strong wind, the power is not matched."

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