Supreme warlord

The upper war vault, the next war nine, all the days of the world, only I am the king, the disciple Jiang battle of the gate of heaven, the old ancestor of the accident has exhausted his life's life and created the immortal battle of the world. Hundreds of millions of bloody battles have become invincible battles and nine days of pride Jiang inherits an amazing Kung Fu ability from his ancestor, leading to his immortal battle with the world. After hundreds of millions of bloody battles, he becomes invincible for infinity.


13. Two hundred stone

Seeing that Jiang Zhan’s fists defeated Du Guan, and swallowed the mountains and rivers, Shenwei was invincible. Many foreign disciples of “Tianquanmen” really regarded him as a genius, but they did not dare to despise them. Instead, they were filled with respectful colors.


"Du Laogou, now I know that Laozi is amazing."


Jiang Zhan smiled coldly and saw the look of the people around him. His eyes showed a confident light. At the same time, he once again proved the powerful and invincible power of the "immortal war king".


More importantly, this time he can use his own strength to get back his own spiritual stone, which can not help but make him feel excited and excited.


"Ginger war, you dare to seriously hurt this management, violate the rules, you are finished, this matter will be reported to the law enforcement elders, when you are waiting to be abolished, expelled from the Tianmeng door." Du Guanshi's eyes Glittering like a viper, it snarls.


"By breaking the rules of the door, you are depriving the disciples of the outside disciples is the violation of the rules, and I am just doing justice, if you are not afraid to make things big, despite the complaint." Jiang Zhan does not care about the threat of Du Guan, one step On his chest, he said: "Take out all the spirits that you used to deduct Laozi, and last time you hurt Laozi, add a hundred pieces of money, a total of two hundred pieces of Lingshi, and one piece interrupts you one leg. ."


"Ginger War, tell you the truth, I am the cousin of the elders of law enforcement. If you dare to do anything wrong, you will die." Du Guanwu saw that Jiang Zhan’s attitude was tough, knowing that today’s things could not be good, immediately suppressed the voice and said his Backstage.


Jiang Zhan heard a wrinkle, and his eyes revealed the color of jealousy. Although he had long guessed that the Du Guan was unscrupulous, he did not dare to resist, but most of them had powerful characters, but they never dreamed. It turned out to be a law enforcement elder.


In Tianmenmen, the elders are noble and noble. The ordinary inner-door elders are all masters of the dilemma. The elders of the true preachers are all exceptions. They are all masters of the world, and the elders of law enforcement are the first people of the elders. Mastering the power of killing, killing and decisive, and prestigious, it is said that it has been cultivated to the top ten peaks of the condensed environment. The strength of one is not much more than that of the owner. Even the entire Xingwu empire has not been able to compete.


Such a big man, don't say that Jiang Zhan can't afford it, even if they are the entire Jiang family, they dare not be enemies.


In this case, even though Jiang Zhantian is not afraid of fear, the small heart is beating, but he turns to think about it. What about the elders of law enforcement? Isn’t it a master of cohesiveness? I can’t compete now, it doesn’t mean that I will not do it in the future. .


More importantly, today, he defeated Du Guan with his own strength, and he can completely get back his own spiritual stone. If he let go at this time, it is not a basket of water.


"How, do you know that you are afraid?" Du Guanwu saw the Jiang war hesitated and suddenly swelled.


"I never knew what to fear!"


The ginger war screamed coldly, his eyes were fierce, and the killing machine was sturdy. The foot was violently stepping on it. Du Guan’s chest immediately rang, and the squeaky voice broke several bones.




Du Guan things squirted a few more blood, face like dead gray, cold sweat DC, eyes staring at Jiang Zhan, full of horror color, it seems that dreaming did not think, Jiang Zhan even law enforcement elders dare to offend, and the lion opened his mouth, let him compensate two Hundreds of spiritual stones, arguing that it is a blackmail. Although he is in charge of the "Lingshi Temple", his family is rich, but he has to take out two hundred pieces of Lingshi, and he will also ruin his family. Unfortunately, he has not dared to resist, otherwise he will not resist. Look at the hot eyes of Jiang Zhan, maybe he will interrupt his leg and even kill him.


In desperation, he took a large bag of Lingshi with his teeth.


"You count!" Jiang Zhan snorted, took the Lingshi and counted it, just two hundred pieces, and then turned and walked outside. When the crowd passed, he said carelessly: "Du Guan is really rich. It’s a pity that I’m going to be less, otherwise I’m afraid of how many Lingshi will not refuse.


This sentence, it seems that the volcanic crater poured a strong oil, so that the scene was boiling, every foreign disciple's eyes became sharp and sturdy, gathered from all directions to the Du Guanzheng, just the dialogue between Jiang Zhan and Du Guanwu The sound is too small, they have not heard it at all, and naturally there is no scruples.


"Old dog, take out the Lingshi of the old man, plus twenty pieces of profit, otherwise I will be ruthless."


The first one came out of the black fat man who had just quarreled with Du Guan. He had an urgent need for Lingshi to attack the five-day sky. Now he was pointed by Jiang Zhan and immediately turned his face.


At the same time, other people also swarmed up and surrounded Du, and rushed to ask for Lingshi.


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