Supreme warlord

The upper war vault, the next war nine, all the days of the world, only I am the king, the disciple Jiang battle of the gate of heaven, the old ancestor of the accident has exhausted his life's life and created the immortal battle of the world. Hundreds of millions of bloody battles have become invincible battles and nine days of pride Jiang inherits an amazing Kung Fu ability from his ancestor, leading to his immortal battle with the world. After hundreds of millions of bloody battles, he becomes invincible for infinity.


6. The first master of the outer door

"Ginger war, you are waiting for Laozi. Today, this account, Laozi must let you double back."


I don't know how long it took. Lingyun finally woke up. He struggled to stand up. Unfortunately, the injury was too heavy. A little bit of movement caused a painful heartbreak.


As one of the four major families of the Xingwu Empire, the son of the Lingjia family, he was born with a golden key. He has always been bullying others, and others have bullied him.


More importantly, he was a talented person in the martial arts. He entered the "Tianquanmen" and entered the Tongjijing Double Heaven in just a few months. He became an elite disciple of the outer door. He was originally arrogant and arrogant. He did not expect ginger. The battle turned out to be salted fish, and he broke his baby in public, so hateful and hateful, so that he could not wait to swallow the ginger war, but in his current situation, wanting revenge is tantamount to idiots and dreams.


"What should I do?"


Lingyun thought of countless ways, the fastest of which was to inform the family and use the knife to kill people. They called one of the four major families of the Xingwu Empire. They have strong strength and talented people. There are more than a dozen masters in the "Tianquanmen". Among them, there are two of his brothers, one of whom has cultivated to the top of the Tongji dynasty, and is known as the first master of the outer door. The other is more horrible. He has already been promoted to an inner disciple, and he has become a powerful and powerful. On the side of the Megatron, just stand up and kill the Jiang war.


" a few, go find my brother Ling Feng, let him come over."


Lingyun’s gaze swept his few disciples and made a sharp voice.




A few foreign disciples stared at Lingyun, faintly revealing the strange color, Lingyun's voice is sharper than the woman, and the legendary eunuch is exactly the same, it sounds very strange, but he is a disciple of Lingjia, after all, Tongjijing II The heavy man is really afraid to offend.


In desperation, several outside disciples agreed to rush and go.


A moment later, a blue-shirt youth carried a powerful momentum and swept away. The emptiness of the impact trembled, the wind changed, and the air seemed to boil.


This person is about twenty years old, his body is tall and straight, his back is like a gun, his black hair flutters in the wind, covering a fortitude, and Lingyun has seven points.


"Who hurt my third brother? Mard, dare to let my three brothers break the grandson, this is to challenge the Ling family, find death."


The youth of the blue shirt is fierce, like a wolf like a tiger, a cold roaring roar, a rolling sound wave contains a strong aura fluctuation, a surging spread, oppressed presence, many outside disciples breathing stagnation, blood boiling, one by one full of fear .


Ling Feng, Ling Yun's second brother, the Tongji dynasty ten-day Tianfeng Fengwu, the first master of the "Tianquanmen" outer door, such a character is awesome, just like a tiger forest, the beast is chilling.


In particular, he saw the bloodstains in Lingyun's crotch, and he couldn't help but be angry and murderous.


"Second brother, it is Jiang Zhan... You must kill him and give me revenge." Lingyun once again issued a sharp and weird voice.


"Ginger War, is it the waste of Jiang?" Ling Feng sneered, and picked up Lingyun to comfort: "Reassured, the second brother will let Jiang Zhan pay ten times, a hundred times the price, give you revenge and hate."


After saying this, he left Ling Yun with the scene.


Although a storm has subsided, many foreign disciples around him know that after Jiang’s battle, he offended the Ling brothers and his fate was destined to be a dead end.




"I finally entered the context of the Tong, and officially became a warrior. I can get the Lingshi."


On the mountain road leading to the "Lingshi Temple", Jiang Zhan took a small song and walked quickly. The mood was obviously good.


Indeed, he has just stepped into the context of a circumstance, and he has revived Lingyun with strong power. He is revengeful and hateful. He is naturally excited and excited. However, this kind of mood only maintains a few breaths, and it disappears and disappears.


There is no reason for it. The Ling family has a huge force and talented people. There are more than a dozen masters in the "Tianquanmen". Among them, Lingyun's brother Ling Feng, known as the first master of the outer door, is said to have cultivated to the top of the peak of the Tongji dynasty. Only half a step can be promoted to break through the realm of the world, becoming a high-ranking inner-door disciple. This kind of person is powerful, and he is not currently able to compete. Once he finds the door, the consequences are unimaginable.


In this case, Jiang Zhan has a feeling of being behind, and the desire for power is extremely urgent. Therefore, he did not delay at all, and went directly to the "Lingshi Temple", intending to receive Lingshi, and strive to cultivate and enhance his strength.


Lingshi, said to be a precious ore, contains pure aura, not only can the military improve, but also the hard currency of the Xingwu Empire, as long as there are enough Lingshi, you can buy medicinal herbs, weapons, and merits. Law... and so on.


According to the rules of "Tianquanmen", foreign disciples can receive a certain share of Lingshi every month, which is why the entire Xingwu Empire wants to worship the "Tianquanmen".


But when I think about this, Jiang Zhan is a fire. As a foreign disciple, everyone can receive Lingshi, but he has never enjoyed this treatment. The reason is that he has no martial arts talent, and his cultivation speed is slow, which leads to "management". The management of the Lingshi Temple does not regard him as a human being, and all the spiritual stones belonging to him are filled with pockets.


This time, he decided to return all the spiritual stones that had been smuggled before, no matter who they are, they would like to bully him again.


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