Supreme warlord

The upper war vault, the next war nine, all the days of the world, only I am the king, the disciple Jiang battle of the gate of heaven, the old ancestor of the accident has exhausted his life's life and created the immortal battle of the world. Hundreds of millions of bloody battles have become invincible battles and nine days of pride Jiang inherits an amazing Kung Fu ability from his ancestor, leading to his immortal battle with the world. After hundreds of millions of bloody battles, he becomes invincible for infinity.


2. The battle between Immortal Kings

"It seems that most of the old ancestors said it was true." Perhaps it is a serious attitude infection by the other party, and may be Jiang war to the legendary martial arts strong man to turn over the hands of the cloud, overlying the strength of the rain is full of expectation, he should be inexplicable to believe in the other, but the next instant his face has come out of a difficult color, according to the other party said, "immortal war king" inheriting the dangers of many If you can't be good enough, you will become an idiot and die. How can you choose such a result? At this moment, Jiang was in a deep thought, such a difficult choice, not to say that he was only a child of thirteen and four years old. Even if it was an adult, it would be half a day and will eventually give up. But he thought, if he could not be a warrior, he would not only be bullied all his life, but even his father, which he could not accept. Besides, now that we have the chance to change, we must not miss it, so we will not hesitate to pay the price of life. "I accept inheritance." As for several breathing time, Jiang Zhan resolutely made a choice, not that he was not afraid to become an idiot, but that he did not want to be so decadent. "Well, it is worthy of being a ginger man. He is as firm as iron and resolute. In this case, you are ready." Jiang's elder brother laughed, and his voice was very satisfied with Jiang's decision. Jiang nodded. His eyes were steadfast and calm. Instead of being nervous, he was in a rush of emotion. "The immortal war king, the inheritance begins..." Roar! With the long scream of Jiang's old ancestor, a huge stock of information poured into the soul of Jiang's war. Suddenly, he felt the wave of the sea, the earth turned over, and a torn pain, which made him insanity and bleeding. The whole man was like a cave in the ice, and it seemed to be barbecued by the flame, and there was a feeling of Madness on the spot. The pain from the soul is much stronger than that of the flesh. Even though the ginger war has been prepared, it has been tortured to death. Even though he was almost unconscious for several times, he often thought that he could not be a warrior and be bullied for life, which would make him generate infinite power and cling to his teeth. "I can't give up. This is my only chance. If I can't bear this pain, then I am a real waste." Jiang was sweating all over the body and soaked all his clothes, but the torn pain of the soul was unbearable. He reached the edge of the coma again. Once he lost consciousness and passed away, he was really finished in his life. In this case, ginger wars repeatedly bite the tongue, with strong pain to stimulate themselves. Time is like flowing water, passing in a hurry... Unconsciously, three days passed, and the spirit of Jiang's war had broken down. His tongue was almost bitten and his mouth was full of blood. Just then, the huge waves surging in my mind suddenly stopped, and then all the pain disappeared. "Boy, the king of immortality has passed away. I hope you will practice hard, and wake up to fight against the king's blood." The voice of Jiang's old grandfather suddenly became weak, and then he fell into silence. No matter how the ginger war was called, there was no movement. "The awakening war, the blood of the king, just now that the old ancestor said this thing more than once, seemed to be very important to me, but did not say clearly how to wake up. Forget it. I'll go home and ask my father later. Maybe he knows the old man. " Jiang shook his head, awakened the blood of the king, and reinvigorate the ginger family. These two things were easier said than done, especially the former. In this case, he transferred his attention to the "immortal war King decision". This method is extensive and profound. It is to allow the practitioner to support his body with Qi, to make air, to have both internal and external repair, and the harmony of heaven and man. The simple point is to let the practitioner take the body as a container, only the flesh is strong, can hold more spirit, and at the same time surpass the ordinary force in the pure power, the defense force is more than the golden Gang, and the law is not broken. In the Xing Wu Empire, the martial arts are divided into two kinds, one is the air repair and the first is the body repair. The former belongs to the mainstream, occupying the dominant position. All the large doors and families are almost all the martial arts, and the latter specializes in the body to improve the flesh strength to the limit. It is difficult and heavy. If we are careless, we will encounter the crisis of life and death. Therefore, the number of those who exercise martial arts is very few. Although Jiang Zhan did not know how severe the gas double repair would be, he had a subtle feeling that the "immortal war king" had created an unprecedented method of practice. If it was able to continuously strengthen the body, the defensive forces would surpass the ordinary warriors and could accommodate the huge spirit of spirit. Know, what's going to happen? With the emotion of excitement, Jiang Wei carefully browse the whole function, he found that the "immortal war king" is unfathomable, obscure and difficult to understand. With his present understanding, he can barely cultivate the first layer. As for the following functions, it can not be understood at all. "No matter, first practice the first level of law, can we become a warrior?" Ginger war spirit flash, in accordance with the "immortal war king" the first layer of functional practice, he saw only his footsteps, and then forward, and then backward, double fist ceaselessly bombardment of the empty space, fist fierce, bully, full of air, so that the air is boiling up.

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