Supreme warlord

The upper war vault, the next war nine, all the days of the world, only I am the king, the disciple Jiang battle of the gate of heaven, the old ancestor of the accident has exhausted his life's life and created the immortal battle of the world. Hundreds of millions of bloody battles have become invincible battles and nine days of pride Jiang inherits an amazing Kung Fu ability from his ancestor, leading to his immortal battle with the world. After hundreds of millions of bloody battles, he becomes invincible for infinity.


15. Stone house competition



Suddenly, a loud bell rang out, and the entire square was boiling like water. All the foreign disciples were without exception, and all the eyes flashed a strong sense of war.


In the next moment, the square around the square trembled, the wind and the clouds changed, the earth violently fluctuated, and the beautiful light curtains rose up, full of ten light curtains, combined with each other, like a blooming lotus flower, extraordinary momentum .


On each light curtain, there is a number, from one to ten, showing a noble purple gold, which attracts the attention of Jiang Zhan.


"These light curtains are the battlefields for us to compete for the stone houses. All the foreign disciples of Tianquanmen have entered different light curtain battles according to their personal accomplishments. In the end, they can only leave ten people and have their own stone houses. The battle is extremely cruel. Although I persisted in the end, I was seriously injured and recovered in bed for half a year." Roger introduced the stone house competition to Jiang Zhan, and his face became dignified. Obviously the pressure was not small.


Jiang Zhanwen’s words have also been deeply shocked. The entire Tianquan disciples have tens of thousands of disciples, ranging from one-day to ten-day days. The number of people in each border is very large, especially in Tongjing. Below the five-days, there are thousands of people in a realm. They want to be separated from each other and become the last ten people. It is difficult to imagine.


Such a battle is indeed cruel.


In contrast, people who have been in the five-day-old world are more relaxed. After all, the stronger the training, the more difficult it is to raise, and the number will decrease sharply.


Although Jiang Zhan felt the pressure, but there was no fear, his eyes revealed a terrifying war, and he was determined to win this stone house competition.


At this moment, the bell suddenly stopped, and then a gray-clothed old man stood up and glanced at his eyes, like a sword like a sword. He was so heart-wrenching that every foreign disciple on the scene felt that he was staring at himself and did not dare to Contrary to the view, it turned out to be a tens of thousands of peaks.


Needless to ask, this person must be the manager of the stone house competition.


"Everyone outside the disciples, the monthly stone house competition is about to begin. Please follow the training of each other and enter the light curtains from the 1st to the 10th. The ten people who will eventually stay can have their own stone houses..."


As the gray-clothed veterans announced that the stone house competition began, tens of thousands of foreign disciples on the square poured into a light curtain like the tide. The situation was the same as that predicted by Jiang Zhan. The number one light curtain was the most, and the tenth light was the most. There are only a few dozen people in the curtain.


Jiang Zhan glanced at it and found that Ling Feng stood proudly in the light curtain, his body was like a mountain, and he did not move. The surrounding masters of the same realm had a fierce battle, but no one had touched him. This made him see again. The invincible majesty of a master.


In addition, there is also an acquaintance in the light curtain of the 10th, Ling Fengxue, the arrogant woman of this day, the genius of the world, the long hair fluttering, the white clothing wins the snow, stands proudly in the crowd, the jade hand smashes, the move Fierce, domineering Lingyun, all the warriors who fought with her, all were defeated, showing a powerful and invincible strength.


"War brother, don't just look at the beauty, we have to participate in the battle." Roger smiled and flew into the No. 4 light curtain.


At the same time, Jiang Zhan regained his gaze and walked into the third light curtain.


boom! boom! boom!


Almost in the moment when Jiang Zhan stopped his body shape, the three fists shone with brilliance and stormed from both sides. Suddenly, the surging aura was soaring and violent, and the whole void violently fluctuated.


A surge of aura seems to be the impact of the waves on the Jiang war, so that he breathes and stagnate, blood is boiling, but he has no fear, his eyes shot a powerful war, not only did not back, but bravely forward, staggered in an instant Attacks on both sides, punching out against the enemies in front.




The double fists collided together, and a deafening loud noise erupted. Two powerful auras violently attacked. Jiang Zhan was like a mountain, but he did not move, but the other side spit blood, directly flew out and fell outside the light curtain.


One stroke defeated the same border warrior, Jiang Zhan showed great power and shocked the spot.


In an instant, the eyes of the opponents who attacked from the left and right sides flashed a taboo, and turned and fled, apparently being scared by the powerful strength of Jiang Zhan.


Jiang war faint smile, since he cultivated the "immortal war king decision", the physical strength has rapidly increased, the aura is even more powerful, and almost no one among the border warriors can compete.


Even so, he did not dare to care about it. After all, Tianquan’s door was full of enthusiasm, and there were some geniuses. He could also fight more and more. Moreover, he did not practice the combat skills and could not break out the real strength. He wanted to persist until the end. Not easy.


Between the heart and the flicker, he stepped across the ground and bombarded with iron fists, and launched a fierce attack on many surrounding warriors.


Bang, boom...


The thrilling explosions rang one after another, constantly echoing in the air. The entire No. 3 light curtain was full of fierce battles. From time to time, some people vomited blood and were injured and flew out.


This is a melee, full of opponents, from all sides of the attack, gathered into a stream of torrents, the impact on who will cause huge oppression, and even injury.


Under this circumstance, most of the warriors attacked their opponents while avoiding the defense. Jiang’s powerful physical advantage was great. He had no scruples about the violent battle aftermath. The whole person ran rampant in the light curtain, such as The wolf is like a tiger, and it is invincible. Soon, dozens of opponents are shocked.


This scene suddenly aroused the attention of other people. One of the white-shirted teenagers was tall and straight, with a tiger-backed bear, holding a long sword, and staring at the ginger battle, showing a stunned color.


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