Supreme warlord

The upper war vault, the next war nine, all the days of the world, only I am the king, the disciple Jiang battle of the gate of heaven, the old ancestor of the accident has exhausted his life's life and created the immortal battle of the world. Hundreds of millions of bloody battles have become invincible battles and nine days of pride Jiang inherits an amazing Kung Fu ability from his ancestor, leading to his immortal battle with the world. After hundreds of millions of bloody battles, he becomes invincible for infinity.


12. One second defeat

Between the ginger and the heart, the big stepping meteor went to the black fat man, and saw the opposite side of Rong Junxiu, the sword eyebrows, the lips red teeth white, but the fat body was obese, destroying the beauty, otherwise it is definitely a beautiful man.


"Brother, Du Guan is black-faced and brazen. He doesn't know how many people's Lingshi are detained. You argue with him. It's just playing on the cow."


The faint sound of Jiang Zhan sounded, and suddenly attracted the attention of the black fat man and Du Guan, the former was full of unwillingness, the latter was brutal and bloodthirsty, killing the machine.


"Thank you brothers for reminding, but I really need Lingshi to pass through the five-day sky." The black fat man nodded to Jiang Zhan, and said with a look of unwillingness.


"Ginger war, you are in trouble, the last time you look at the face of Ling Xuexue, this management has already let you go, today dare to make trouble, be careful of your dog life."


Almost at the same time, Du Guan incident issued a gloomy roar, and he slammed a strong momentum on his body, and he slammed into the battle of Jiang.


"Tianquanmen has such a thing as yours. It is a shame. Today, Laozi will let you spit out all the spirits of the previous deduction. If one less, you will interrupt one leg."


Ginger war looks calm, the cloud is light and windy, just like nothing, directly threatening the threat of Du Guan as a fart, his eyes are sharp, his tone is cold, he just stands there, letting Du Guanzheng impulsively, not moving.


"Is it by you?" Du Guan was disdainful and shook his head. Obviously, he did not put Jiang Zhan in his eyes. The reason why he was so confident was because he had been refined in this time and stepped into the five-day world. More powerful than before.


Moreover, the last time the Jiang war was a big fight, so that other foreign disciples were secretly excited and excited. This is not the case. Some people have stood up and argued with him. According to this trend, I am afraid that there will be more people opposed. He deducted Lingshi, not only will the financial road be cut off, but he will also offend the big man above, which he can't tolerate.


Under this circumstance, he is ready to take the ginger battle, and at the same time, he can knock on the mountain and let other foreign disciples dare not move.


I thought in my heart, Du Guan said coldly: "Ginger War, you have been disrespectful of this matter twice, and you have violated the rules of the door. Today, you will dare to make trouble. This management will let you blood dye the Lingshi Hall."


"Old dog, your threat to Laozi has been tired of listening, and you have the ability to do it."


Ginger war is tough, tit for tat, and his eyes are full of powerful warfare, shocking the four wild.


"I have a good show today."


"The last time the Jiang war was defeated by Du, the elders, if it was not the snow-snowing sister suddenly appeared, he was not dead or injured, I don’t know what is the strength of this time, even so strong?"


"Ginger war may not have any cards. He last time was a tribute to Tianyifeng. After a month, most of them have cultivated to the double heaven. Unfortunately, Du Chang has already stepped into the five-day sky. The battle of Jiang will be defeated."


"Looking at the meaning of Elder Du, it is obvious that the murder is murderous. I am afraid that the Jiang war will suffer."


Numerous foreign disciples in the entire Lingshi Hall have had a lot of arguments. This time, the situation is similar to the previous one. Although everyone supports Jiang War, they are not optimistic about him. Although this war has not begun, everyone thinks that Jiang war will be defeated.


"Wind and thunder!" Du Guanwu shouted, the whole person progressed, all over the body, punched out, all the movements were coherent and free, and they showed a solid foundation of martial arts.




The wind broke through the air, accompanied by the sound of wind and thunder, thrilling and deafening, the power of a surge of torrents was like a flash flood, and the horses rushed and swept out, making the surrounding air boil.


Feel the powerful and unparalleled punching power of Du Guan. Although Jiang Zhan is full of confidence in himself, he does not dare to have the slightest care. The whole person is full of glory, the war is boiling, and goes straight into the sky. The next moment he fully mobilizes the powerful physical strength. All the auras came out and gathered in the fists. The white skin immediately revealed the blazing light, like a meteor breaking through the air, and bombarded the elders.


This punch, condensing all his strength, hard to resist the fist of Du Guan.




The two fists collided together, and the two powerful forces violently impacted and raged, causing the void to tremble. The wind and the cloud changed, and the air boiled, which conveyed the sound of a broken bone, which attracted everyone's attention.


I saw the depth of the energy remnant of the rolling energy, Du Du things arm squatting, as if there were no bones, the entire face changed dramatically, the facial features were distorted, and the sweat was dripping on the body, so that the clothes were soaked, like a chicken.


Surprised, shocked, incredible?


Ginger war actually defeated the Du Guan, and broke the other's arm. Such a powerful strength is simply unbelievable?


Everyone breathes and stagnate, stunned, and the mouth of the mouth can stuff the eggs. They can hardly believe their eyes, because the end of the war is too fast, and people have a feeling of dreaming.


However, some of them have a five-day-old warrior with a sharp vision and insight into Qiuhao. It is clear that the battle of Jiang Zhan was just as strong and powerful, and it has clearly entered the three-day world.


In just one month, it has continuously broken through two realms. Such a rapid cultivation speed is definitely a well-deserved genius.


More importantly, Jiang Zhan is a physical warrior, and his combat power is extremely powerful. He has defeated Du Guansi in two levels with the three-day training of Tongjing. Such a brilliant record is enough to stand out from the crowd and shock the world.

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