Supreme warlord

The upper war vault, the next war nine, all the days of the world, only I am the king, the disciple Jiang battle of the gate of heaven, the old ancestor of the accident has exhausted his life's life and created the immortal battle of the world. Hundreds of millions of bloody battles have become invincible battles and nine days of pride Jiang inherits an amazing Kung Fu ability from his ancestor, leading to his immortal battle with the world. After hundreds of millions of bloody battles, he becomes invincible for infinity.


9. Ling Fengxue



Du Chang’s body swayed, and he stepped back a few steps. He also had deep footprints under his feet, and Jiang’s body was full of blood and could not be controlled. Wow, two blood spewed on the spot.


No way, Du Chang is, after all, a four-way martial artist who has been through the four dynasties. He has already opened four meridians, and his aura is strong and powerful. Especially he has cultivated warfare skills, and the power of one punch is enough to destroy the rock. Jiang war naturally cannot compete.


This is how he cultivated the "immortal war king decision", the body is strong, the aura is strong, and the defensive power is far superior to the border warlords. If you change to other tongs, the Tianzhu Fengwu, the scene will be hit hard, even have May be killed.


"Ginger War, I will give you another chance to get out of the Lingshi Hall. If you are obsessed with it, you will have to kill the killer." Du Guan was full of pride and arrogance, his eyes fell on Jiang Zhan, killing the machine.


"Old dog, you have the ability to do it, don't be like a girl."


The Jiang war did not show weakness, and the war was soaring. When he spoke, there was a sense of domineering and shocked countless foreign disciples.


"This guy is really reluctant, obviously not an opponent of Du Guan, but his attitude is tough and full of war. If such a person has enough time to cultivate, he will become a strong martial artist."


A five-day master of Tongjing, who looked at Jiang Zhan with admiration, gave an exclamation.


Suddenly, other people were also shocked by the strong war of Jiang Zhan. Although they are all martial artists, most of them are more powerful than Jiang Zhan, but no one has the courage and determination of Jiang Zhan. War.


In the twinkling of an eye, even those who have just looked down on the Jiang war have changed their minds, because a person who dares to challenge the strong, who knows the invincible but is full of fighting spirit, deserves respect.


"This is your own death!" Du Guanyan's eyebrows are cold, and he is fully urging the body's aura to come out, forming a stock storm, just want to kill the ginger.


At this moment, a clear spring, like the sound of ice, sounds clear.




People came to the sound, a white girl appeared silently in front of Jiang Zhan, I saw her fifteen or six years old, tall and graceful, white wins snow, full of black hair scattered on the shoulders, Liu Mei as a sword, Ruo Ruo Stars, squatting under the body of a chilly atmosphere, like the iceberg snow lotus, breathtaking.


"Tong Jing Jing Qiu Tian master!"


Jiang Zhan was shocked. The girl who suddenly appeared in white was not very old. It was terrible to cultivate, especially the cold temperament of her body. It was even more shocking.


"It turned out to be Ling Xue Xue Shijie."


"Goddess, this is the goddess in the hearts of all the foreign disciples of our ‘Tianquanmen’. I can see her, no regrets in this life.”


"It is said that Ling Fong Xue Shi's talent is different, and the stun is brilliant. After cultivating the martial arts for less than one year, it has reached the seven days of Tongjing, and it is powerful and invincible. It has been killed by the top ten masters."


After a short silence, many foreign disciples suddenly boiled up, but everyone was only talking, marveling, and no one was close to each other, as if the white girl was a thorny rose, they would hurt them.


In the eyes of Jiang Zhan, a stunning color appeared in his eyes, his eyes staring at the Ling Xue snow, and looked up and down.


Beauty, too beautiful, although a bit cold, but regardless of body, appearance, temperament, are super-class, it is worthy of the "God of Heaven" countless disciples in the hearts of the goddess, it really deserved reputation.


However, just for a moment, he removed his gaze. Ling Xue Xuemei is not beautiful with him. Moreover, he has been decadent for many years. He only wants to cultivate martial arts and enhance his strength. As for the affairs between men and women, there is no plan at all.


"Du management, you are also a four-day martial arts martial arts, how to publicly bully a foreign disciple, is not afraid of people joke?" Ling floating snow no expression, cold tone to say.


"Floating snow misunderstood, I am distributing Lingshi, I did not expect this guy to come to trouble, forced to helpless, I only took the lesson to teach him." Du Guanwu brows, his eyes revealing the color of jealousy.


"Du Laogou, you are really brazen, obviously you are deducting my spiritual stone, and actually bite a bite."


Jiang Zhan shook his head and dismissed with disdain.


"King Ling Ling..."


Ling Fangxue muttered to himself, his eyes glanced at Jiang Zhan, and then fell on Du Guanzheng and said: "Du Guan, the outside disciples are not easy, you are a large number of adults, put his Lingshi Give him, so as not to mess up the order."


"Looking at the face of the snow, today's things stop here, Jiang Zhan, this is your spiritual stone, holding the stone temple, otherwise, oh..."


Du Guan was a cold smile. He was a manager. Although he was not afraid of Ling Xue, the other party was a genius disciple. He was heavily influenced by the high level of the Zongmen and could not help but give face.


Thinking in my heart, he took out ten pieces of Lingshi and threw them to Jiang Zhan.


In the eyes of Jiang Zhan, a glimmer of light shines, staring at Du Elder, without any nonsense, holding Lingshi and turning away.


Today's events have made him understand one thing. Without strong strength, people will be suppressed everywhere. Even though he cultivated the "immortal war king decision", his strength is far stronger than that of the border warlords, but the "Tianquan Gate" still belongs to At the bottom, especially if he has not cultivated combat skills, it has greatly restricted the combat effectiveness. Otherwise, he will have defeated Du Guanshi, and he will not be out of the snow.


In addition, Du Ling’s spiritual stone is only a matter of the day when he enters the veins. The spirit stone that was previously deducted wants to be brought back, but also depends on strong strength.



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