Supreme warlord

The upper war vault, the next war nine, all the days of the world, only I am the king, the disciple Jiang battle of the gate of heaven, the old ancestor of the accident has exhausted his life's life and created the immortal battle of the world. Hundreds of millions of bloody battles have become invincible battles and nine days of pride Jiang inherits an amazing Kung Fu ability from his ancestor, leading to his immortal battle with the world. After hundreds of millions of bloody battles, he becomes invincible for infinity.


8. Hard fight

The ginger war raging into the sky, flying a foot over the jade table, pointing to the white hair management said: "Today, Lao Tzu wants to get back all the Lingshi, if there is one less, be careful of your dog's life."


"Looking for death!" The white hair was angry and angry, and the momentum climbed up, directly hitting Jiang Zhan. Suddenly, the agitation of his fists rushed out, forming a tornado swept through, the momentum was fierce and shocking.


Look at the Jiang war, the body is tall and straight, the back is like a gun, the body is under the wind, the wind is automatic, the hunting is sounding, and a strong aura of the stock constantly gathers on the fist, bursting into a dazzling brilliance.


At this moment, he unreservedly broke out the most powerful strength of the martial arts. The purely overbearing physical strength and the majestic aura came out, the oppressed void trembled, the air was like boiled water. Drastically fluctuating.




He punched and punched, his fists were fierce, and he slammed the yellow dragon. The hard-hitting and white-haired things were put together, and a deafening loud noise broke out.


In the next moment, the white hair management face suddenly changed, and the eyes were full of surprise colors. Obviously, it was deeply shocked by the powerful power of Jiang Zhan.


At the same time, Jiang Zhan's body swayed, and he stepped back and forth more than a dozen steps. The footprints on the ground were deep and full of shocks. The body was full of severe pain in the five organs, and the blood surged and almost spurted blood on the spot.


"How is it possible? Jiang Zhanming is a tribute to the martial arts, how can he counter the Du Guan?"


"I don't think that the battle of Jiang is so powerful. Seeing that he had just punched it, it seems that he has cultivated the skills of refining and fighting, and with the aura bursting out, the fighting power is far superior to the warlords in the same territory. No wonder dare to do anything with Du Guan."


"While the rehearsal skills can enhance the physical strength, but after all, it is limited. Moreover, the Du Guan thing has just been obvious, and there is no warfare. Otherwise, Jiang war will die."


The entire Lingshi Hall was in utter disappointment. Numerous foreign disciples saw the Jiang war hard work, although they fell in the wind, but the powerful strength made everyone shocked.


You must know that Du Guan is a four-way martial artist who has already passed through four meridians. He has already opened four meridians, and his aura is very powerful. Although the punch is just a small test, it is hard to connect with the three martial arts. It must be dead, and Jiang Zhan is only a tribute to the martial arts. It is able to compete with Du Guan, and such a powerful strength is simply incredible.


Of course, most of them are not optimistic about the Jiang war. They think that he is too reckless, and he is trying to rebel against the Du Guan, and he is asking for trouble.


"It's a bit of strength, but unfortunately the waste is waste. If you want to make trouble in the Lingshi Temple, you can handle it with you." The white hair management, that is, the Du Guan, the corner of the mouth curved to outline a cold smile, said: "Ginger War Now, it’s still too late to get out, otherwise you are coming in, I’m afraid I’m going to be carried out.”


Threat, the threat of red fruit.


Du Guan and Jiang Zhan have a fight, and it has been proved that Jiang Zhan stepped into the context, but he avoided talking and threatened the Jiang war, which made the people in the room deeply understand his shamelessness.


"There is no more nonsense. Today, you will take out all the spirits of the old man, otherwise you will be at your own risk."


Jiang Zhan’s heart was burning with anger, and he was willing to take back his own spiritual stone. Although he knew through the previous fight, he was not an opponent of Du Guan, but he was not afraid, and he was eager to fight.


"Hey!" Du Guan was cold and screamed, and the two dawns seemed to be out of the blade, and the cold glance looked at the ginger battle, revealing a touch of disdain. Immediately, his momentum rose again, and a sturdy aura of reunion gathered in his fists, shining brightly and shining.


"Wind thunder!"


With his screaming, the whole man was like a wolf, swooping over the ginger battle, punching it out, screaming in the wind, and the air was boiling, and it even conveyed the thunderous sound of thunder and thunder.


This punch not only concentrates on all the power of Du Guan, but also displays the skills of the war, the boxing power is fierce, the domineering is unparalleled, the powerful power is soaring, the oppressed people are reversing, and some of them pass through the world. The sky, the three heavenly warriors, the more bloody, the face suddenly changed.


"Is this the power of combat skills?"


Jiang Zhan's eyebrows were wrinkled and shocked. He felt a fierce and dangerous atmosphere from Du Guan's boxing style. It seems that this punch can't resist it. He has to be bombarded by the other side, but such a strong oppression does not make him fear. Instead, it provoked a strong war.


With a heart and soul, he is fully committed to the "immortal war king", strong physical strength and majestic aura, not to concentrate on the fist. Suddenly, his fists shine brightly, shining like a meteor, breaking through the sky and killing.




The thrilling collision sound was once again conveyed, like a blue sky, earth-shattering, with Jiang Zhan and Du Guan as the core, two powerful forces surged and swept across the four wild.


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