Supreme warlord

The upper war vault, the next war nine, all the days of the world, only I am the king, the disciple Jiang battle of the gate of heaven, the old ancestor of the accident has exhausted his life's life and created the immortal battle of the world. Hundreds of millions of bloody battles have become invincible battles and nine days of pride Jiang inherits an amazing Kung Fu ability from his ancestor, leading to his immortal battle with the world. After hundreds of millions of bloody battles, he becomes invincible for infinity.


7. Fierce conflict

A tall and majestic palace with a golden plaque hanging above the gate, which is filled with three characters, "Lingshi Temple", dragon and phoenix dance, iron painting silver hook, and the interior constantly exudes a strong aura fluctuation, which makes people feel Excited.


Jiang Zhan took a deep breath and felt that his self-cultivation was slowly improving. He couldn’t help but flash a glimmer of light in his eyes. He strode into the “Lingshi Temple” and suddenly saw countless foreign disciples, and he was able to grow up. Long teams, one after another, receive Lingshi.


Today, it turned out to be the day when the disciples of the outside world issued the Lingshi.


The ginger war was dark and shocking. Although he had long known that the Tianquan Gate was a dragon and a tiger, the master was like a cloud, but today he saw it and was still amazed.


There are many foreign disciples present in the field, ranging from one-day to ten-day days. Everyone has a powerful momentum, the emptiness of the impact, the air is boiling, and the momentum is extremely large.


Jiang Zhan is now only a tribute to the Tianyifeng martial arts. Standing in the crowd is nothing but a drop in the ocean. But his heart is full of yearning. In this life, he must work hard to cultivate, and not only for himself but also for his parents. It has even revived the Jiang family.


"Du Hai, Tongmai is a heaven, ten pieces of Lingshi."


"Qian Feng, Tongjijing two heavens, fifteen pieces of Lingshi."


"Sun De, Tongmaijing three heavens, twenty pieces of Lingshi." ......


In front of the crowd, there is a jade table, behind which is a white-haired old man, apparently in charge of the management of the Lingshi Hall, and is distributing resources.


In Tianquanmen, things like the old-fashioned old man don’t know how many things are responsible for all kinds of things, but they can get the fatness of the Lingshi Temple. The white-haired management is not a leisurely generation.


Ginger wars gaze at the white hair in the air, revealing a fierce light. Although he used to have a bad martial arts talent, he has not been able to break through the zen dynasty, and he has a relationship with the lack of Lingshi. It’s the old guy who is not dead.


"It is said that it is ten pieces of Lingshi. How can I only give me nine pieces? Is that piece eaten by a dog?"


"Brother, don't complain, this is the rule of the Lingshi Temple. Everyone's spiritual stone will be deducted, especially if it is a weak disciple like us, it is inevitable unless you have strong strength. On the elite list, you can get more Lingshi, and no one dares to buckle."


Two foreign disciples, one of the most important martial arts people in Tongmai, passed through Jiang Zhan's face and were depressed and angry.


Jiang Zhan heard a wrinkle, and he stepped into the Tongjing dynasty, and his strength increased sharply. He intended to return all the spirits that had been deducted before. He did not expect other people to be detained, and they were all ruins. This situation, his purpose today may be difficult to achieve.


"Ginger War, Tongmai is a heaven, ten pieces of Lingshi."


Just between the flames of Jiang Zhan, the white hair manager shouted out his name, but when the other took out a piece of irregular white stone, the eyes suddenly burst into a surprise color.


"Ginger War, how can you break through the context, not to cheat the Lingshi?"


In the next moment, the white hair was screaming, his eyes became sharp, and he stared at Jiang Zhan, and the Lingshi in his hand actually took it back.


Seeing this scene, the anger in Jiang’s chest burned instantly. This old immortal, who had previously detained his spiritual stone, is even more despicable and jealous of him today. He said, "Cheat the spirit stone." Are you a pig? Still blindfolded, can't see the aura fluctuations in Laozi?


Do not blame the fierce battle of Jiang, it is really a white hair thing to deceive too much, the other side of the repair has already reached the four days of Tongjing, even with closed eyes can sense the aura fluctuations in his body, the reason why the blink of an eye, I am afraid It is the idea of ​​playing the stone.


Originally, Jiang Zhan had the heart to recover the Lingshi that had been detained before. Now he is being treated by the white hair, and his eyes have become like a knife.


"Do you care, you are not old-fashioned? I obviously stepped into the context of a circumstance, how do you believe in nonsense, is it not enough to corrupt everyone's spiritual stone, want to take things that belong to me alone."


Ginger face no expression, cold voice.


"Let's let go! This governor is in charge of the Lingshi Hall. Naturally, it won't make people feel like fish. You say that you step into the context of the Tong, what is the certificate?" The white hair is fierce, like a wolf like a tiger, roaring roar.


Apparently, he was angered by the attitude of Jiang Zhan. In his eyes, Jiang Zhan was a complete waste, and he dared to face him in public, which made him feel a huge insult.


More importantly, Jiang Zhan failed to break through the circumstance for many years, and all the Lingshi became his bag. I thought I could continue this way. I didn’t expect that today’s Jiang Zhan would turn salty fish and come to collect it. Isn't it a broken way to cultivate spiritual stone?


"Voucher, hahahaha..." Jiang Zhan angered and laughed, and resounded through the four wild fields: "Your grandfather, if you want to empathize with the stone, you will say, why bother to make a statement, anyway, you are an expert, you are present, who is there? The spiritual stone of the people has not been deducted by you."


The voice did not fall, the scene was awkward, and countless foreign disciples stared at Jiang Zhan, full of admiration.


Jiang Zhan said that they have been deducted a lot of Lingshi in these years. Everyone is indignant, but no one has ever dared to resist like Jiang Zhan. More people have chosen to swallow.


After all, the other party is a "Tianquanmen" manager. Although his identity is not too high, he is very good at it. Moreover, he is in charge of the "Lingshi Temple". Is he guilty of him and wants to receive Lingshi?


The faces of the people did not seem to stand with Jiang Zhan, but they all supported him. However, some people felt that Jiang Zhan’s chest had no city, and it was difficult to become a climate. He is now only a tribute to the Tianyi Fengwu, among the disciples. It’s the bottom layer, and it’s a conflict with the governor. Isn’t that looking for death?


"Ginger War, I said that you didn't break through the context. You don't want to be ugly, you will get out of the way, otherwise you will be ruthless." When the white hair is talking, a powerful momentum erupts, and the oppressed ginger The battle was stagnant, and the blood surged, and it took a few steps back and forth.


I have to say that the other side is a four-way martial artist who has been through the four veins. It has a strong aura and is powerful. It is far more powerful than Lingyun. Jiang Zhan did not grasp the slightest ability to compete, but he was detained for three years. It’s hard to step into the context of a circumstance, but it’s threatened by the other side. If you leave like this, it’s hard to extinguish the anger in your heart.


In addition, the ten pieces of Lingshi, which are worthy of the day when they step into the veins, will also be lost. This is what Jiang war can't bear anyway.



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