Supreme warlord

The upper war vault, the next war nine, all the days of the world, only I am the king, the disciple Jiang battle of the gate of heaven, the old ancestor of the accident has exhausted his life's life and created the immortal battle of the world. Hundreds of millions of bloody battles have become invincible battles and nine days of pride Jiang inherits an amazing Kung Fu ability from his ancestor, leading to his immortal battle with the world. After hundreds of millions of bloody battles, he becomes invincible for infinity.


3. Enemies meet

Bang, bang ...

With the ginger War to cultivate the "immortal War King" method, the entire void followed by violent turbulence, the wind whistling, the sea of clouds, this side of the world seems to be alarmed, infinite reiki from all directions converge, not the cost of rushing into the ginger battle body.

Immediately, he felt the belly of the vigorous and surging aura nowhere to vent, as if to explode in general, this feeling unprecedented, also let his blood boiling, with such a huge aura, through the meridians easily, then can become a real martial, elated, Men Yuelong. "Through the veins, give me a break!"

Suddenly, Kang heart roar, surging mighty aura like the Yangtze River, flood into a tendons, violent impact of the blockage, to the naked eye visible speed inch breakthrough.


A moment later, Kang feel tendons in the aura vent out, thoroughly through the first tendons.

At this moment, his eyes bloom out of the color of excitement, get through the first tendons, successfully stepped into the meridian of a heavy day, officially become a martial, a strong breath of the mighty and out, set off the sky snowflakes.

From ordinary people to promote the Wu, is a qualitative transformation, the two forces of the world disparity, there is no comparable.

Kang finally set foot in the martial way, as long as the future efforts to cultivate, brilliant future, but he did not meet, because he knows the pulse of a heavy day, for mortals is very powerful, but in the Wu is the bottom, still only be bullied.

He was proud of his childhood, dream to become the martial arts, but unfortunately fate, no matter how hard to cultivate, always progress slowly, today with the help of "immortal War King" successful transformation, he will never tolerate being trampled by others underfoot.

Therefore, Kang no sign of cessation, but more and more fast, boxing wind more and more violent, the whole person seems to become an angry dragon, crazy operation "Immortal War King", continue to cultivate.


At dawn, the Sunrise, the sky a glimmer of light shining on the ginger war figure, making him look as if draped in a colorful armor, imposing extraordinary. "Immortal War King is really mysterious, just one night, I actually cultivate to the meridian of a heavy day peak, only a half step can enter two days, so terrible cultivation speed, don't say ginger home, afraid the whole day boxing door can match."

Kang eyes flashing bright light, such as blade out sheath, fierce without a horse.

This night's practice made him reborn, bath fire rebirth, stepping into the peak of a heavy day, his body Reiki vigorous, rolling surging, as if there is an endless force, the strength of the body is more powerful than before more than 10 times times, at random clenched fists, immediately conveyed a crackling sound, like King Kong burst general.

...... "What's going on?" Today the aura of escape in the air is so thin that it is impossible to cultivate?

” "Who is the senior in the breakthrough through the pulse of the border?"

” "The estimate is similar, but today's situation is somewhat special, make it is a genius breakthrough through the veins, unexpectedly the spirit of heaven and earth swallowed one empty?"

” ......

The tidal waves of exclamation, resounded, and Kang, a young man of the same age, face have emerged a shock color.

These people are "day boxing Door" disciples, most of them still in the impact of the pulse of the environment, although not high, the feeling is very sensitive, found that the aura of the air in the sky than usual thin a lot of talk.

This situation has occurred before, whenever someone breaks through the pulse of the time, will be a large number of absorption of aura, but according to experience, even if the breakthrough through the pulse, it is impossible to all the Reiki absorption.

Many outside disciples can not cultivate, immediately look for the cause, suddenly a way of looking from all directions converge to Kang body. Hey Unexpectedly is the waste ginger in the cultivation, this fellow martial arts talent is not good, the cultivation is very diligently, but the waste is the waste, even if day and night ceaseless cultivation, also cannot break through the vein boundary.

A purple dress juvenile, tall, hunky, full of explosive power, all over the Battle of ginger than the one, commanding, overlooking the ginger War, made a mockery of the voice.

"Lingyun ..."

Kang smell, eyes suddenly become fierce such as knife, this purple dress of the youth named Lingyun, and his identity, are "day boxing door" outside disciple.

In addition, Lingyun is one of the four major families of Xing Wu, the son of the master, the martial arts talent far beyond extraordinary people, has already stepped into the two heavy days, into the elite list, powerful, prestige illustrious.

More importantly, Kang is located in the Ginger family, is also one of the four families of Xing Wu, and the bullying family in the competition, grudges quite deep, so Lingyun has always been to bully Kang for pleasure.

Is the so-called, enemies meet, especially jealous. Kang A look is Lingyun laugh at him, the hearts of murderous boiling.

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