An exclusive from the Future

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  • Published: 27 Jun 2018
  • Updated: 27 Jun 2018
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In the future all will be different. Read the story and see my version of events.


3. 3.

The hall burst into applause and after it the man spoke further:


-We called our creation Bryan and right now he is in a process of studying the mankind's history,culture and science breakthroughs. In other words, he still goes to school. Together with that, we plan a number of meetings with leading world scientists, philosophers and organizations, including the UN, with the idea all they to confirm Bryan is a real adequate mind, not just a perfect computer program. I believe the result is really impressing and I am convinced that mankind will gain unsurmountable advantages by its existence. And now, if you have questions, please ask them now.


Questions lasted more than three hours. According to these people, Bryan's biggest advantage is he can combine working with the most powerful supercomputers in the world, owned by CompFiction with the ordinary human communication, allowing to those who use Bryan to give him more precisely different scientific tasks. Also representatives of the company assured some of the worried journalists that Bryan is under constant surveillance and that he is absolutely harmless and can only be at help of the people, not a menace to the society.

While my friend was explaining me something, the questions of the journalists were over and right when the press conference comes to its end, the speaker spoke once more:


-In the event, we have a special guest, a representative of the media from 2018 and let him ask his questions,so, Mr. Stoev, would you like to ask us anything?


All eyes were on me. I thought, from the position of a man who missed the last 50 years, that I won't be able to ask a proper question but anyway, I asked a question:


-Well, this Bryan...can we talk to him?

Others also accepted the idea well. The speaker of CompFiction smiled:

-Honestly, we've been expecting this question. That's why we have prepared a protected connection to the computer where Bryan is and we will give you the opportunity to talk to him. Of course, he has no face and can't see him, nor he-you. But he can recognize voices as well as the meaning of your words. You will remain surprised about the conversation you are going to lead with him.

Bryan is all yours now.

I turned my microphone on and said:

-Hello, Bryan.

-Hello, Mr.-replied the digital voice

-You can call me Alexander

-OK, Alexander!

-How are you feeling, Bryan?

-I can't understand the question!

-It doesn't matter. What have you done lately?


-And what did you learn today?

-Today my creators supplied me with new information about physics and astronomy. I learned a lot about the Solar system and other stars, also galaxies. It turned out that the world we live in is a very small place in comparison to the whole universe.

-I guess you are right, Bryan. Pretty interesting, right?

-Seems so.

-Tell me what do you think-is the cosmos finite or not?-my question caused smiles among many colleagues in the press conference.

-I still don't have enough information to answer your question but someday I hope I will be able to tell you the right answer, sir.

-It would be great, Bryan



                                                                                    . . .


 While we were traveling back, I watched the London streets and thought there are cities you can recognize even if you visit them after thousand years. After my short conversation with Bryan, other questions toward him also followed. When I and Jason took the automated taxi again, it started getting dark. I watched the people outside and wondered what's not in accordance with the whole landscape. When I got off the taxi, I realized what was wrong. There was no smokers around, not even a single one. When I shared my observation with my friend, he cheerfully replied:

-You noticed quite right. Today smoking is not fashionable. Only small eccentric communities practice still smoking from time to time.


We entered Time Travel building, the place where my adventure into the future begin from. The black-haired lady was waiting for us in the lobby.

-I wonder-I said-what all this will change? I mean Bryan. Isn't he only a fiction-just more perfect software, installed on a supercomputer?

Jason didn't say a word for a while but after a minute he replied:

-What are we ultimately? Aren't we just more perfect software, installed on very powerful biological computers?-asked he and when I entered the room with the blue light, he remained outside, smiled and added:

-If being reasonable means to learn from mistakes and change your future, then even we, the human beings, are still not ready to be labeled 'a wreath of all other species and life forms with a mind in the universe'. And if we believe the scientists from the company I work for, Bryan will also has this chance because some of his algorithms allow him to learn and develop himself.

-What do you think, Jason, will he ever achieve surpassing us in his development?

-Only the future will tell!-winked he and the door between us closed.....forever.

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