Damaged Queen

Jean Shepherd was the definition of boring pathetic teenager. She lived in a small apartment, didn’t have any friends, didn’t travel, absorbed herself in movies, tv and food. But that looked like the most desirable thing in the world after one rumor destroyed her self image, confidence, and reputation. All because one guy cheated on his girlfriend and needed an excuse, so he chose her. ***Strong Langue, suicidal thoughts and actions, rumors, bullying, depression and slut shaming included***


1. {One}

Jean walked into the local sandwich, Anthony's shop near her family's apartment. Her long, thick, straight brown hair up in a ponytail, she had just gotten her braces off days ago, she had on an old fading Captain America sweatshirt with the sleeves pushed up, on top of ripped skinny jeans and simple sneakers. The bell rang as she opened the door and Anthony looked up and smiled as he saw her walk in. 

"Hey Jean, your usual?" he asked getting a pen and paper out, she went here every single day, without fail, weather if it's to eat (which it usually), or to do homework, sometimes it's just to hang out with the workers. Basically these people are her friends. 

"No I'm going to be adventurous and try something new," she said sarcastically, chuckling putting her backpack down in a random seat, turned her music off and took her headphones out, then walked over to the counter. 

"Nah gotcha," he smiled, nodding as he wrote her order down and put it on the line for the other workers to make, "how's school goin'?" 

"Boring as hell," she sighed, "Did you need to know negative exponents to open your own sandwich shop?" 

"Oh suure," he nodded "I needed them for how many pieces of bacon to put on a sandwich," he chuckled 

"Exactly!" she said jumping up onto the counter "I'm so done with math, and school. If I dropped out would you hire me?" 

"No," he said simply, while smiling

"What? Anthony, I'm offended," she chuckled

"Because a smart, pretty girl like you should finish school, go to college, and not work in my shop. Work in your own ya copy cat," he chuckled lightly tossing his pen at her, which she caught and just started drawing on herself.

"Ha. Lair. I'm borderline failing all my classes and this face is defiantly not pretty," she shrugged 

"Even PE?" he asked raising an eyebrow "Don't you just have to show up?"

"No sweets, they grade you based on if you're doing the best to your abilites, which I am but since Sam was such a fucking star at everything I have to follow in his footsteps, I cannot name a single teacher that hasn't compared me to him in one way or another," she said looking over at him, then to her wrist where she was drawing two intersecting hockey sticks. 

"That's bullshit," he said looking back at her "you're serious?"

"Sadly," she sighed, she turned to see if her sandwich was done and it almost was, then turned back to see two of the popular girls from her school, Britney and Amanda, walking towards the shop, "I'm not here," she said quickly then booked it to where her sandwich was being made turning her back to them, "I'm hiding from people at my school, don't say my name or I'll smack you with the stale bread," she said looking at one of the workers, Eric. He was a fairly attractive guy, but he also had a girlfriend and was twenty-five where she was fourteen. Doesn't quite work out the way she hoped it would. They had this thing where they end almost everything they say to each other 'or I'll whack you with the stale bread' because one time they were arguing about Hawkeye's importance to the Avengers (he said he was useless, she says he's key), and she walked over to the stale bread and threatened to whack him with it. 

"Ok," Anthony chuckled softly then turned his attention to the girls as they walked in "hi, what can I get ya?" he asked getting a new pen out. 

"I'll have the most carb free sandwich you have. I'm on a no card diet and I'm trying to lose two pounds to fit into my graduation dress," Britney said, looking over at him, holding out her wallet 

"Alright," he nodded, writing down an all vegetable lettuce wrap, then looked to Amanda, "and you?" 

She scoffed when he asked, "as if I'd eat from a place like this. I'm going to have real food later tonight."

"Alright then," he sighed and put her order up, "I'll let you know when it's ready." 

They both nodded and walked off to a seat on the opposite side of the restaurant, sat down at a table and went on their phones, not even giving a shit. They didn't see Jean as she walked back up to Anthony and handed him the money for her sandwich. 

"I'd stay but I gotta get back, thanks man, see you tomorrow," she whispered, quickly taking her hair out and making so it covered her face then walked out with her sandwich, grabbed her bag and jogged back to her apartment. 

She walked through town, eating her sandwich and instead of going through the front door of her apartment building she took the fire escape stairs that led up to her window which was open, threw her bag in first then climbed through. "Sam, you home?" she called as she kicked her shoes off then walked into the living room. 

"Yeah, it's why I texted you stupid," he said as he watched tv, specifically baseball. 

"Hey guess what," she said, waiting for him to turn around and look at her for her to flip him off then book it to her room and hide in her closet. 

"Oh you little bitch," he said jumping over the back of the couch and chased after her, he went into her room and threw the closet door open, grabbed her by the ankles and quickly pulled her out. 

"Truce! Truce!" she laughed holding onto her sandwich 

"Ha, no," he said as he pulled her out into the living room. But to screw him over, their mom had just walked through the door. She was very short, standing at 5 feet even. She had short brown hair like Jean and ocean blue eyes like Sam. But neither of them was as short as she was. 

"What's going on here?' she asked raising an eyebrow as she put her keys and purse down 

"Sam's trying to kill me!" Jean said quickly

"Jean flipped me off!" Sam said right after, both pointing at each other

"Sam stop, Jean, if I hear or see you flipping your brother off again, no Anthony's for a week. Goes for both of you," she scolded. One thing Mary Shepherd doesn't allow from anyone is swearing. Sam is twenty and she still yells at him for it. She scolds her husband too, none of them are safe from her scolding. 

"Fine," he sighed and dropped her ankles, then went back to his tv

"Fine," she sighed and just laid there, finishing off the last bit of her sandwich. 



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