a poem about a damaged girl with a loving heart.



1. a poem about a damaged girl with a loving heart.

I love you so very much.
When I think of you it hurts.
Your face, your dreamy brown eyes,
your small freckles, which travels across your face.
Your curly brown almost black hair, which frames your face perfectly.
When your eyes meet mine from across the room, my insides twists.
You’re too faultless, and here I am.
A damaged girl.
Who’s deeply in love with you, and so are you.
I try to hide the things that are haunting me inside,
but often they crawl out of the dark, just like the monsters that they are.
My mind feels like a hurricane.
The thoughts come and go with a high speed, and the emotions I feel are unbearable.
Most times I just want to lay with my head resting on your chest, listening to your heart beating,
and other times I want to drown myself in an ocean of tears.
But I never let it go that far because the thought of you stops me.
A life, a universe, an eternity without you would be horrible.
I need you to keep me grounded.
I need you to hold me tight and tell me that all the monsters inside soon will disappear.
I need you to kiss me softly when i’m crying in the dark black night, where my mind wanders off to hopeless, heartbreaking, saddening and daunting places.

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