Fire Cannot Hurt Me

An extension of my movella, The Purple Daisy.
Alyssa is pulled through her window away from her ordinary life into a world of flames and power. She can walk through fire without getting hurt, has a herd of angels running after her, and her soul may not be her own. Her mind is in two; does she stay and become more than she is, or does she run and stay safe and ignorant? She wants to make her own choices, but the more answers she recieves from her new "carers", the more her mind becomes less her own.


3. The Flames' Call

The flames in front of me part. I blink a few times, my mouth falling open.

The fire really has split, like a wall came down between the flames. Two more figures step forward through the gaps. The fire closes in behind them.

I feel my body go limp. What… what…?

I can’t think. This isn’t real… this can’t be real…

I let the shadow drag me across the clearing, the crackling of the fire getting closer and closer. Its long fingers stretch towards me, enticing me to come into its embrace faster. The heat makes my skin tingle all over. My lungs fill with its warmth and force me to cough. It’s almost as if a… comforting sensation is flowing through my limbs, pushing the thorns of adrenaline out of my blood.

I want to go in. I want to be safe.

A screech pulls the world back to me. My neck snaps in the direction of the sound.

A tangled mess of arms and legs wrestles on the floor. One wears black like the rest that had entered from around the clearing. The other shines, the silvered metal fitting to his slim body and catching the fire’s light. The shrieks come from the black figure, sounding like a strangled animal.

Another of the figures that had stood around the edge broke the circle, heading over to the wriggling heap. He takes out something kept hidden up his sleeve. It gleams in the light like the armour of the intruder.

I jolt forward, having to dig my heels into the ground to stop myself from falling over. The shadow behind me lets out a gruff sigh as he pushes me on again. His claw-like nails dig into my skin. The fire doesn’t look at all tempting anymore. I don’t know why I wasn’t thinking straight.

I struggle, squirming in his grasp. Twisting my neck, my eyes are drawn to the pile of sprawling bodies again. The one in metal had an arm around his neck, teeth stretching his ear, kicking away a blade with his leg and keeping the wielder at bay. He was struggling with the one around his neck, trying to twist his arm trapped between their two bodies behind his back.

The one in metal snaps his head backwards, making the strangler stumble away, his nose bleeding. Now free, the metal one pulls some kind of silver horn to his lips.

“We’re here to save you from them.” A rough voice comes from under the shadow's hood above me.

His unexpected words make me stop fighting for just a moment. However, he doesn’t stop pushing me forward. I pull my strength back to me and hold my ground as best as I could.  

A high-pitched whistle stabs my eardrums.

The shadow behind me loosens his grip and my hands go to my ears.

The ground rushes up to meet my face. The smack sends jolts of pain through my neck down my spine, my face bouncing twice before settling in the dirt. A scream escapes as the air is forced from my chest. 

I hear a thud and shouts from my feet. I take a moment to get my heart beating again. Too long a moment. The aches in my muscle cry as I turn my head to the side. It takes a lot of strength just to reopen my eyes after this sudden winding.

The shadow is on the ground too. A new metal figure circles above them, unwinding a rope in their hand. The shadow growls, his hand at his stomach. Dark red seeps through his fingers.

No matter how much my body protests, I lift myself up onto my arms, pushing backwards. I need to get away.

The metal figure snaps their head towards me. I freeze.

Her eyes are such a bright blue, staring right into mine. Her lips are straight. Her face is blank. She lets the rope in her hands loose, taking a step towards me.

The shadow is up again, grabbing the woman’s shoulder and spinning her round to face him. She throws the rope out. The shadow ducks, the loop on the end just missing his head. As he dips, his fist smashes into her ribs. She gasps for air as he jabs again and again.

The woman turns to the side, his last punch hitting the air. She pulls down on his arm and he stumbles forwards, his hand going to the blood still spilling from his stomach. Her elbow stabs the centre of his spine. The shadow’s moan sticks in his throat. The woman stretches the rope, going for his neck. For a moment, his arm looks as though it is burning, the flicker of a flame igniting on his skin. I blink and it’s gone out again.

Two figures step in between the shadow and the woman. They raise their arms. A wall of flames ignites out of nowhere and I can’t see any more of the scene.  

The shadow’s head raises and his sight lands on me. My body is as heavy as a stone. My breath had come back to me, but my lungs were filling and emptying so fast my head whirls.

The shadow winces as he presses his stomach again. He stands straight, stumbling towards me. I’m pulled to my feet. The shadow groans with the effort.

I try to fight. My head wants my eyes to close and for my body to collapse. The fire fills my eyes.

Go towards the flames.

A whisper tickles my ear. The shadow is gritting his teeth through his pain. The voice wasn’t his.

Go towards the flames.

The words repeat louder.

You’ll be safe in there.

The sudden feeling my body doesn’t belong to me overcomes my senses once more.

I take a step forward. The screaming from my body is quieter. The roaring around me softens. Another step and then another. Another and I’m halfway to my safe haven.

Then my legs turn to jelly and they don’t know where to take me. The flames are getting too close now.

No! No! I don’t want to burn!

My head spins too much for my eyes to take and I can’t help but let my eyelids close. I feel myself fall, but my guide holds me up against him.

My skin feels as though it will be scorched off, peeling away as it blackens and burns as the heat sizzles around me. The smoke scratches at my throat, but I’m too weak to repel against it.

I should be dead. I will die.

The last drips of adrenaline spike through my veins and I can’t keep up with reality.

The thunders of the fighting fall silent and coldness washes over my mind.

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