Fire Cannot Hurt Me

An extension of my movella, The Purple Daisy.
Alyssa is pulled through her window away from her ordinary life into a world of flames and power. She can walk through fire without getting hurt, has a herd of angels running after her, and her soul may not be her own. Her mind is in two; does she stay and become more than she is, or does she run and stay safe and ignorant? She wants to make her own choices, but the more answers she recieves from her new "carers", the more her mind becomes less her own.


2. Run

I shove myself up against the wall, banging my head against it as I try and push myself far away from that window. Closing my eyes, I try and shake the hallucination from my mind.

When I open my eyes, the face is still there.

The face is thin and shadowed in the dark. It’s a man, no a boy. The more I stare, the more I swear his lips are moving… shouting…

Another bang on the door snatches my attention away, more of an angry thud than a knock this time.

Another louder tap at the window makes my eyes snap back again.

The boy’s mouth moves faster, his eyes flickering to the latch holding my window shut, his fingers clasping to the windowframe. I squeeze my eyes shut once more so hard I see sparkles. Again, the scene doesn’t change upon opening. I gawk at the boy at the window for a few more moments.

Taking a deep breath, I somehow manage to unfreeze myself. I move towards the window, compelled to creep closer as the boy's mouth widening almost into a smile the nearer I get. His eyes switch between me and the latch over and over.

Cautiously, I unlock the window.

“You need to come... Now... People… at the door are after you?” The boy stumbles over his gasps. Sweat trickles down his forehead. His arms shake with the effort of holding himself up along the thin ledge below my window.

I can’t find words. I just stare. I want to back away again.

The boy’s face is so scrunched up, as if he was so desperate that he was about to cry. “Please... They killed your parents.”

The bash of the door smacking the wall as it opens ricochets through the whole house.

My thoughts abandon me in that moment. The next thing I realise, I’m through that window and running across my back garden without looking back.

Had I gone mad?

I didn’t care so long as I was away from whoever broke my door down. No-one breaking a door down could be nice. I feel as though I should take the time to worry about whatever lay at the end of this running, but it feels as if there was no time left. For now, I was just running. 

My house backs onto the main road, the trees dark and looming within the forest on the opposite side. The street lamps are set further and further apart. I almost lose sight of my leader in between the darkness.

I catch my foot on a bit of uneven pavement. I curse far too loudly for someone on the run. But the jolt forces my head to catch up with my feet. I almost stop.

What is… what is happening?

But I can’t stop and face whatever was at the door.

I’ll have to face whoever was at my window.

Oh God, why did I go home alone?

The sound of an engine revving runs up my spine. Taking a sharp right, I follow the stranger blindly across the road and the forest envelops us. I can’t see a thing and my head makes me slow. The hand I had taken through the window grabs mine. Our fingers knot clumsily. His grasp is sweaty.

This would be the perfect time for him to kill me, if that was his goal.

But I keep running.

Somehow, the boy manages to guide me through the maze of trees and bushes, ducking under every branch and jumping over entangled roots as if it were as bright as day. I catch myself on twigs and thorns, my exposed arms and ankles stinging with scratches. He never drops my hand. All I want to do is to squeeze my eyes shut and wait for whatever madness this was to stop. This didn’t happen. This just wasn’t real. People don't randomly go on the run.

A break in the trees rushes to meet us. The clearing is so bright my eyes burn.


The hand tugs away from me as I stop dead. The boy takes a few more steps before realising I wasn’t following. He spins, gesturing me to keep coming.

“We must go through.” He hisses. His eyes are wider than ever, pleading with desperation and dark with exhaustion.

Finally, my rational thoughts can catch up and I shout, “What… are you mad? We… we should be running to the police not into a fire that’ll burn us alive!”

My words stick to my dry throat. Tears threaten to spill, the droplets clinging onto my eyelids. My hand slaps against my forehead in an attempt to slow down my thoughts.

Why would my parents leave me alone? They wouldn’t have let me get in this mess. They wouldn’t have let me be so foolish as to run away with some stranger. I wouldn’t have been left alone in the night to face the pounding at the door.

I stumble backwards and hit something.

A man who looked almost like a shadow towers above me as I swirl around. I can’t feel my legs and they refuse to move. Goosebumps line my arms despite the fire’s heat.

“The fire cannot harm you. The fire cannot harm us. We will be safe in there, I promise you.”

A dark stranger's promise does not fill me with ease. I want to run. I want to shout. I want help. But no words can be forced out of my mouth.

Another shadow appears to the left of me. Then another steps out of the trees from the right. Another and then one more join the clearing around me.

The looming shadow takes my arm, turning me back towards the fire. His grip is like ice, locking onto my forearm. I try to pry his fingers away, but all I can do is scratch the surface of his skin.

What have I done?

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