Zanna is living with her Mate Levi who made her when she was only 17 years old. We try to keep up with her thoughts and feelings about being a vampire, but something turns her world around when Matthew (Levi's best friend) brings home a new girlfriend...


1. Chapter 1

I ran back and forth between the master bathroom and my walk-in closet, Levi and Matthew sat in the sitting room tapping their feet getting impatient.

Darling what are you looking for?” Levi asked and popped his head into the bathroom as I was putting mascara on.

“I don't know what to wear as usual. Please pick something for me” I mumbled putting on red lipstick. He sighed and made his way into my walk-in closet. A few minutes later he came out with a galaxy chiffon skirt, a black crop top with crossed back straps and a pair of black Jeffrey Campbell Lita's with galaxy spikes on the back.

“Perfect!” I exclaimed and hugged him, I ran into the walk-in closet and glanced over the many chokers Levi had bought for me as a sign of him owning me. I chose a Victorian lace one with a beautiful violet stone in the venter.

I quickly put on the clothes and a few more jewellery, I hurried into the sitting room “done” I said and spun around for them to give me a ones over.

“Finally!” Matthew exclaimed, jumped up and hurried towards the front door, “you are just so slow, let's go I'm hungry” he continued as he opened the door.

“Shut up Matthew, you have only been waiting for an hour. She's been at it since she woke up” Levi complained while putting his hair in a pony tail. Both Matthew and Levi where wearing gorgeous tailored suit's, like they always do when going out to eat.

“It's gonna be a quick snack tonight” Levi explained and opened the door to the parking garage, “it's to late for a full dinner. Zanna you know you don't need all that make-up, you are beautiful without it” he continued.

“Yes and you know that if I don't wear anything the humans think I am much younger than I really am” I mumbled as Matthew chose a car. Levi wouldn't let Matthew drive any of his expensive cars, so it was always Levi or myself who would drive.

We drove to Matthew's favourite night club, we argued with the doorman for a couple of minutes about me being old enough and when I showed him my drivers license he finally gave up. I wasn't happy that Levi was flirting and feeding on other females, I knew he only saw them as cattle but I was still very jealous.

I smiled at the first male who didn't have drugs in his system, I sipped on the drink he bought me and lured him out to the women's toilet. I didn't didn't kill him, but drank until he got unconscious and would believe that he drank to much.

I left him there and looked for the others, they where done way before me and was waiting in the bar. The bartender looked sceptical at me when I ordered a drink.

“Listen miss. You don't exactly look old enough to be here” the bartender said and placed the drink on the bar.

I glared at him “I'm 21 years old so you should shut your mouth and stop talking to your customers like that!” I answered.

Levi pulled me into his arms “calm down darling, you know they don't know better” he whispered into my ear. My eyes fell onto Matthew, he was staring at a young girl. She had beautiful curly blond hair and she didn't look a day over 21 years old.

I pushed Levi away from me and laid an arm on Matthews shoulder, “so Matt you like that girl don't you?” I teased, pointing at the girl. I nudged him with my elbow with a sly smile, he looked like he would blush if he could. I glanced over at the girl again and she was blushing, she had seen me pointing at her.

Levi had a look of anger and disappointment on his face “we are going home” he mumbled, grabbed Matthews shirt collar and dragged him out to the car. He almost threw him into the car, I hurried in and closed the door. “So that is why you are dragging us to that place everyday!” Levi yelled and sped of towards our, I had never seen him this angry before and it made me a little fearful.

“Levi I'm serious about Lilly” Matthew explained, “she is perfect for me in every way” he continued.

“No!! You said that about the last 15 other girls!” Levi yelled, made a sharp turn so Matthew and I flew around in the car.

“Levi please calm down” I begged, he stopped in our parking garage and told Matthew to get out of his sight before he killed him. I ran after Levi as we made our way back to our apartment. When we got inside I started covering the windows as the sun would be up in half an hour. Levi sat down I the sofa with a big sigh, he laid his face in his hands and sighed again. I sat down beside him, is it really that bad?” I asked.

“Yes if he keep turning the girls he falls in love with we will be overrun with vampire chicks who won't let us be” he explained and looked up at me with sad eyes. “Shortly after I turned him he wanted me to turn his then lover and she still continues to harass us to this day” he continued.

I perked up “really who? Have I met her?” I asked.

“No, she's kind of...” he said and paused.

“Kind of what?” I pressed and moved closer to him.

He sighed, “she's kind of scary...” he paused again. “She follows us... that's why we keep move every couple of years” he explained, “she hates that we turned her and just left her when Matthew lost interest. If we don't keep a distance from her she will try to kill us and that's why I haven't turned anyone for him ever since. I want to believe that not every girl is like her, but I haven't been able to trust him. He has lost interest in all the other girls rather quickly so I'm afraid that it will happen again” he continued.

He looked really afraid and the only thing I could say was “Babe let's go to bed, we can't do anything about it now.” I stood up and made my way into my walk-in closet to change into my nightwear. When I was done I walked into the master bedroom, Levi had already taken of his clothes and was sitting in the bed with his face in his hands. I crawled into bed beside him and laid a hand on his shoulder, “Babe forget it, well talk to Matthew tomorrow” I said.

He sighed again “you're right, lets get some sleep” he answered and we laid down, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed the nape of my neck. “I will always love you and I will never leave you, you know that right?” he whispered.

I smiled “yes I know and I love you too” I whispered back.

“I'm sorry for turning you so early” he whispered with so much sadness in his voice.

I turned to face him and looked him straight in the eyes “Levi stop, I forgave you a long time ago. It's already been 4 years, Levi I love you and I always will. Now lets get some sleep” I told him, kissed him and turned around to fall asleep.


I heard a loud crash and Levi swearing, my eyes shot open and I looked around the bedroom. Levi was standing in the doorway to the bathroom, he had an apologetic smile on his face as he sat down on the bed beside me.

“What are you doing?” I asked, he had already put on his clothes and looked like he were leaving. “Where are you going?” I continued as he walked over to the bed and sat down beside me, I moved to a sitting position and folded my arms over my chest when he didn't answer.

“Darling I can't stay home tonight, I need to take care of something” he said and put a hand on my cheek with a gentle smile.

“Can I go?” I asked.

“No Darling I need to do this alone” he answered with a sigh, stood up and walked out of the bedroom. I jumped out of the bed and flew after him, I stopped him in the entryway with a hand on his chest.

“Are you really leaving me here, Matthew is my friend too!” I shouted, I was gobsmacked that he would talk him out of being with the girl from the club. She looked so good for him and I wanted to help him find love like Levi and I did.

“I am not going to talk to him, I have another errand that I need to take care of” he explained not making eye contact with me at all.

I folded my arms over my chest again “you filthy liar!” I yelled with a frown.

He sighed “Zanna you... Don't need to know everything I do.”

“Levi I can't believe you right now” was the only thing I could say, I didn't want to cry but he had never lied to me before and I felt hurt. Levi took a step closer to me, I held him at a distance with a hand on his chest. “God, you're so stupid!” I yelled, stormed back into the bedroom and slammed the door behind me.

Fuck!” Levi shouted and shortly after the front door slammed. I waited a minute to be sure that he left and then made my way out to the kitchen, because we only had a snack yesterday I was famished and I needed some blood in me to calm down. “What the hell is wrong with him?” I thought, took a wineglass and filled it with blood from the freezer. I walked back to the sitting room and turned on the TV.

Nothing exiting happened so I turned it off again and decided to take revenge on him, I hurried into the master bathroom and started putting on make-up.


A couple of hours later I had put on a full face of make-up, Levi's favourite corset dress and a pair of gorgeous black stilettos. I was reading a book while waiting for Levi and as soon as Levi had closed the front door I took of one of my stilettos and threw it after him, it got stuck in the wall and shortly after Levi came into the sitting room.

“What did you do that for? Now we have to repair the wall again!” he yelled shoe in hand. I sat on the sofa with crossed legs and arms folded over my chest.

“Oh babe what are you doing home so early?” I mocked.

He stared at me “Darling I missed you” he said and sat down in front of me, I didn't look at him. However, he took my naked foot and started kissing it.

Matthew suddenly popped his head into the sitting room “What did you do to her this time?” he asked with a cheeky smile, walked across the room and sat down in the sofa beside me.

“I left my angel home alone after we had a fight” Levi said sounding like he was about to cry, but his eyes where staring up my skirt clearly trying to figure out what I was wearing underneath my dress. I kicked him away and careened out to the kitchen. “Why did you kick me?!” he yelled from the sitting room.

“Because you're an arse!” I yelled back, poured myself another glass of blood and walked back to the sitting room. “Levi get your arse of the table, I don't want your butt print all over the coffee table” I continued.

“Yeah Levi listen to the girl, get your arse of the table” Matthew said with a grin and kicked him of the table. “Now Zanna come sit here with me and tell me what he did to you” he continued and stroked the cushion beside him, I sat down and he put an arm around my shoulders.

“Well he left me home alone and then he wouldn't tell me where he was going” I explained as Matthew took the glass out of my hand and took a sip.

“Good year, virgin too” he said and swirled it around in the glass.

“Hey that's mine, it took me a long time to get it and I only have a few bottles left” I yelled and started fighting him to get it back, but he gave me the glass and looked like he had seen a ghost. I glanced up and there, beside the dining room table Lilly were standing staring at us. Matthew made a significant distance between himself and me, then stood up and hurried to her side.

“Lilly what are you doing here?” he asked in a hushed voice turning her so she couldn't look at us.

“I'm sorry I... the door was open and I heard your voice, so I just...” she mumbled clearly embarrassed of her own behaviour.

“You need to leave now!” Matthew scolded and pushed her towards the front door.

“No, wait!” I yelled suddenly, jumped up and ran after them. In human speed of course. “You can't just leave without introdu...” I stopped as soon as I smelled the AB-negative running through her veins.

“Matthew get her out of here, now!” Levi shouted and held me back so I didn't attack her. I still couldn't handle rare blood types, the animal in me wakes up and I can't control myself.

Matthew picket up Lilly and ran out the door with her, Levi whispered in my ear to stop breathing and to calm myself down. However, I started to black out and I knew that I was out of control, I blacked out and can't remember anything after that.


The smell of fresh blood hit me “Levi!” Matthew's desperate voice yelled “Levi come on wake up!” he continued. I opened my eyes and saw Matthew standing at the foot of our bed with Lilly in his arms, she had blood and and bruises all over her body and looked like she was already dead. She wasn't her heart was still beating slightly.

“Matthew what happened?!” I shouted and started shaking Levi, “Levi wake up... Levi come on you need to wake up!” I continued and Levi's eyes shot open.

“Matthew what have you done?!” Levi yelled. I didn't see what happened after that 'cause I ran out of the room and out to the kitchen, I took a bottle of blood and gulped it down. My throat wouldn't stop burning so I chugged another bottle.

Matthew what happened? Did you do this?” Levi asked.

No it wasn't me I found her like this, I think she was hit by a car” Matthew sounded nervous.

Levi took a deep breath and sighed “Okay Matthew listen to me! I will try to save her but I won't turn her unless she really won't make it!

Anything I'll do anything to keep her!” he begged, Levi barked some instructions and Matthew came into the kitchen. He walked over to me and looked me straight in the eyes, “Zanna do you have some AB negative?” I shook my head. He wrapped his arms around me “we have to find some, please help me find some.”

When he let me go he sighed and looked down at the floor, I laid my hands on either side of his head and lifted it up so he looked me in the eyes again. “Matthew listen to me! You have to calm down, she'll be fine. Remember it's Levi we got here, come let's get down to the hospital” I took his hand and we ran down to the parking garage and jumped into my car. I drove as fast as the traffic would allow.

Matthew kicked open the backdoor of the hospital, an alarm went of so I pressed the code I had gotten from an insider in the hospital. Matthew ran to the blood storage and I found all the other things from Levi's list of things he needed. It was a lot so I had to go back and forth a few times, Matthew brought 4 big plastic bags filled with AB negative blood bags.

“You got everything?” Matthew asked, looked it over one more time and then we hurried back. I quickly parked the car in the garage, Matthew gathered the most necessary stuff Levi needed and ran up to the apartment. I took the lift up with the rest of the things, the moment I stepped into the apartment the smell of blood hit me again. Levi had moved Lilly to the guest bedroom right next to the front door, I stopped in my tracks. Laid the thing on the floor and slowly moved closer to the bedroom door, I pressed my ear against the door and listened to Lilly's heartbeat.

Darling will you stop listening to her heart it's very impolite” Levi said but I didn't her any footsteps come closer so I stayed. I sat down beside the door still listening.


An hour later the door opened slowly and my head were now resting against Levi's thigh as he wiped the blood off his hands with a towel.

“Will she live?” I whispered and hugged his leg, he stroked my hair gently.

“I can't tell yet, the way it looks now I don't think so. However, Darling come with me, you shouldn't be here” he answered but I shook my head and glanced into the bedroom. Lilly was laying on the bed with Matthew sitting on a chair beside her. My breathing became heavier and my throat started burning again. I wanted to go into the bedroom, I wanted to grab her and suck the blood out of her.

“Levi I'm so hungry. I want to...” I couldn't finish the sentence because Levi grabbed me and raced out to the kitchen. He threw me down next to the fridge and handcuffed me to it. “Hey what the hell?! Levi let me go!” I screamed and tried to get my hand loose, but the handcuffs were made of blessed silver. My throat were burning as it had when I was first turned, I could barely keep myself back.

Levi squatted down beside me and took my head in his hands “Darling listen to me!” he tried to get me to look him the eyes but his hands still had the smell of blood on them and the blood there were all over his clothes smelled so good. I couldn't concentrate, my eyes flicked around the kitchen to find a way out of the handcuffs. “Zanna, you have to keep it together...” he sighed “Darling be a good girl and stay here. I'll go clean myself up” He stood up and hurried out of the kitchen.

Please don't die, please Lilly stay with me” Matthew whispered, his voice was in the most distress I had ever heard. He was clearly very much in love with her, I wanted to help but I didn't know what to do.

“Levi you bloody wanker get in here! Let me out!” I shouted while yanking in the handcuffs, “Levi I'm not gonna hurt her, please just let me out it hurts” I whined hoping he would listen to me.

He popped his head inside “are you sane?”

“Yes I'm sane just let me out.”


“Yes!!” I yelled and he made his way through the kitchen and unlocked the handcuffs, took my hand and helped me up. “Can I take a shower now? You kind of got blood all over me.”

“Of course, let me help you” he answered.

“I can do it myself” I walked out of the kitchen and hurried over to the master bathroom. However, Levi was right there beside me, “Levi I'm holding my breath, you don't need to be so freaking careful. I'm not gonna do anything, I'm not young any more. I only had a weak moment but I am fine now” I said with a slight smile.

I threw my clothes in the trash and stepped into the shower, I washed my long black hair, my perfect bloodsucker body and stepped out of the shower again. “Levi will you get me some clothes?!” I shouted and wrapped my hair in a towel.

Levi can't come to the phone right now, please leave a message after the beep” Matthew opened the bathroom door “you mind if I take a quick shower I'm kind of cov...” he didn't get to finish the sentence before I started licking the blood of his face.

“Levi!!!” Matthew yelled.


“Zanna is licking on me!”


“The face!”

Let her, if it's only the face!” but it wasn't just the face, he got blood all over his chest. I ripped his shirt open and started licking his chest.

“And now she's licking my chest... Levi!!!” I couldn't hear Levi come closer, so I just continued.

Two seconds, or do you want your girl to die!!” Levi shouted from the guest bedroom.

“No” Matthew whined, “Zanna why are you doing this to me, you know I can't hold back when you do stuff like this” he tried to talk me out of it. But a couple of seconds minutes later when Levi came into the bathroom, we where all over each other.

“Okay you two...Quit it!!” Levi yelled and pulled me away from Matthew, but then I jumped him. The towel I had wrapped my hair in had fallen to the ground as I jumped at him. “Matthew why don't you take a bath, I'll go lock her in the freezer for the time being.” He carried me out to the kitchen and opened the freezer side of our big fridge.

“Levi no, I'll be good I promise” I whispered in his ear, “please, I don't want to go in there.”

“Darling you know you can't control yourself around AB-negative. What else do you want me to do?”

“How long would I have to stay in there?” I asked after a few seconds.

“A couple of days” he said while taking one of my bottles out of the freezer, he handed it to me. A couple of days weren't that long for a vampire but a couple of days in a freezer is long for anybody.

I sighed “okay fine, but can I at least get some clothes and dry my hair?” I asked and flashed him a big smile.

He sighed, grabbed my waist and pulled me out to the master bathroom. “Keep an eye on her” he commanded Matthew and walked out of the room again. I wrapped my body in a towel as I found the blow dryer from one of the cabinets and started drying my hair. It only took Levi a few minutes to find clothes for both Matthew and I, but it took quite some time to dry all of my hair.

When my hair was finally dry I took the little black dress Levi had picked out and tied my hair in a bun. I gave Matthew a good luck hug, walked out to the kitchen gulped down another bottle of blood and stepped into the freezer.

I heard Levi and Matthew rummaging around the apartment for the first couple of hours but my body slowly started to go into a hibernation state and I lost consciousness.

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