The Dream Life.

I took a quiz on what One Direction member I suit most. I won Louis, coincidentally he is my favourite. The quiz came with a story of how we met and all the rest. So I wrote it on here. It is just for fun and if you read it I hope you like it!


4. First Fight

First Fight

It’s been a year since I met Louis and the boys. Louis and I had moved in together into my house, and Scarlett had moved in with Harry. I was working a late shift at work and got held up a little later then I thought I would. I got home around 10pm and went to check if Lou was home.

‘Hey Babe I’m home.’ I called, no answer. Weird o thought.

I took off my boots and hung up my jacket before wandering to Lou’s and my bedroom. I walked in and saw Louis sitting on the bed mad.

‘Hey babe what’s wrong?’


‘Come on Lou you know you can tell me.’

‘Leave me alone.’

‘Louis I’m your girlfriend!’

‘I don’t care. God you can be so annoying sometimes. I just want to be left alone.’

‘But Lou...’

‘I said leave me alone!’

And with that Louis slapped me across the face. I ran out of the bedroom crying and put my boots and my jacket on and phoned Niall. I held my cheek in pain whilst tears ran down my face.


‘Hey love, what’s up?’

‘I need you to come pick me up.’

‘What happened, why are you crying?’

‘Lou and I got into a fight and he slapped me.’

Niall didn’t answer, all I heard was faint swearing in the background and the call ended. I waited outside for Niall and he was there right away.

‘Come on love, I’ll take you back to my place and we will put some ice on your cheek.’

‘Thanks Niall, your a great friend.’

We got back to Niall’s and I sat on the couch crying and he put some ice on my cheek.

‘Come on Chloe tell me what happened.’

‘Well I got home late from work and saw Lou sat down mad on our bed. I tried talking to him but he kept yelling and screaming and then he slapped me.’

‘I’m going to kill that stupid ass fucking bastard!’

‘Niall please don’t swear.’

‘I’m sorry love, Come on I’ll give you some of my clothes so you can try get some sleep.’

‘Thanks Niall goodnight!’

‘Goodnight, love you.’

‘Love you too Niall’

(A week Later)

It had been a week since my fight with Louis. I hadn’t eaten much and got out of bed the whole time. I woke up to two people screaming downstairs. I crawled myself out of bed and creeped on the staircase to see what was happening. I knew the voices right away, one was Niall and one was Louis. As I listened more I heated Louis say how much he missed me and their song moments were playing in the background.

‘Louis just leave.’

‘But Niall I love her and miss her so much.’

‘Lou if you loved her then you wouldn’t of slapped her.’

‘I know but I was having a bad day and I shouldn’t of taken it out on her.’

‘That’s right you should t have. Chloe is my bestfriend and you know how sensitive she is after that jerk face boyfriend cheated on her.’

‘I know Niall but I just can’t live without her. She stole my heart and I love her with all my heart.’

‘Lou?’ I said quietly.

‘Chloe? Chloe!’ Lou yelled.

‘Niall is it ok if i talk to Louis alone?’

‘I guess so.’

‘Thanks Ni.’

‘Chloe I am so sorry!’

‘I know I heard what you said to Niall and I forgive you because I’ve been a mess without you. You mean everything to me and I love you.’

‘I love you too and I got you this.’

‘Oh Louis it’s beautiful!’

‘It’s a promise ring so you know that I’ll never hurt you again. I love you too!’

Louis put the ring on my finger and kissed me gently Lon the lips.

End of chapter 4.

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