The Dream Life.

I took a quiz on what One Direction member I suit most. I won Louis, coincidentally he is my favourite. The quiz came with a story of how we met and all the rest. So I wrote it on here. It is just for fun and if you read it I hope you like it!


2. First Date

First Date

The next morning I woke up at 9am to start getting ready for my date. I ate a quick breakfast before hopping into a shower and washing my hair. After 20 minutes I got out and started searching for something to wear. I knew it was going to be a cold day so I ended up putting on something comfy and warm. I looked at the time and noticed it was noon already so I went to put on some makeup. I was finishing up my makeup when I heard Scarlett scream. I ran downstairs and found her watching tv.

‘Scarlett what are you screaming about?’

‘Oh sorry! I was watching criminal minds and I got scared.’

‘Then why do you watch it if it freaks you out?’

‘Because I like starring at Shemar Moore. Just like you watch vampire diaries to stair at Ian Somerhalder.’

‘Well do you blame me, have you seen his eyes.’

‘Yes but Louis’ are better aren’t they Chloe!’

‘Shut up! Oh and do I look ok for my date?’

‘You look amazing, don’t worry I’m sure Louis will love it’

‘What time is it?’

‘12:30 why?’

‘I have to go finish getting ready’

I ran back up to my room and I grabbed my bag, my phone and put on my boots. I went back downstairs and grabbed an apple because I didn’t know where Louis was taking me. I was sitting down watching criminal minds with Scarlett and I guess I lost track of time because just then I heard a doorbell ring. I jumped off the couch and crabbed my coat.

‘Have fun Chloe.’

‘Thanks Scarlett!’

‘Hey Louis!’

‘Hey love, you look awesome on this fine day.’

‘Why thank you sir! You look pretty awesome yourself. So where are we going today?’

‘I was thinking abbbaoit the amusement park is that alright with you?’

‘I love amusement parks.’

‘Great lets go!’

Louis started the car and we drove about 10 minutes before we got to the amusement park.

‘So Louis you never told me how old you were.’

‘Oh I’m 20 almost 21 and my full name is Louis William Tomlinson.’

‘Well my full name is Chloe Elise Carson.’

‘Come on let’s go on the rides.’

‘Ok let’s go!’

Louis took my hand intertwining our fingers which of corse made me blush. We went on every ride apart from the Ferris wheel because I was kinda scared but I didn’t want to tell Louis that. We went over to a booth that was giving away stuffed animals as prizes.

‘Louis I want that bunny!’

‘How much do you want it?’

‘Please Louis I really really want that bunny!’

‘Alright I see what I can do.’

After countless attend he finally won it for me.

‘For you my little bunny rabbit!’

‘I love it Louis!’

‘Now you have to come on the Ferris wheel with me then we will go home.’

‘Louis the thing is I’m kinda afraid of heights!’

‘It’s ok Chloe I’ll be right beside you.’

‘Okay I guess so.’

‘Come on let’s get in line.’

Louis took my hand again as I put my bunny in my bag. The line started moving and soon it was time to get on the giant wheel. We got seated and the thing started moving. When it stopped at the top so people could get on at the bottom, I got scared.

‘Louis I’m scared.’ I said holding his arm.

‘Come here Chloe.’ He said putting his arm around me.

Suddenly I looked up and was starring into his ocean blue eye and blushed and looked away.

‘Hey now you don’t need to look away and blush you have beautiful eyes!’

‘Thanks Louis.’

Once again I looked into his eyes and noticed him leaning in so I did the same. He placed his hand on my cheek and I closed my eyes and I felt his lips on mine. His lips were so soft and they seemed to fit with mine as they moved together. Finally when we were both out of air we pulled away.

‘So are you still scared of heights?’

‘No I think I’m over my fear!’

‘I’m glad to hear that Chloe.’ He said smiling at me.

‘I’ve had an amazing time today Louis.’

‘I’m bland to hear that too, maybe we could do this again before you leave?’

‘Definitely but I don’t think I’ll be leaving, I think that I’ll be moving to England because it turned out to be better then I thought I would!’

End of Chapter 2.

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