The Dream Life.

I took a quiz on what One Direction member I suit most. I won Louis, coincidentally he is my favourite. The quiz came with a story of how we met and all the rest. So I wrote it on here. It is just for fun and if you read it I hope you like it!


3. Asks To Be My Boyfriend

Asks to be my boyfriend

It had been two weeks since I met Louis and the boys. Today Louis said he wanted me and Scarlett to come over and watch movies with him and the boys. I got dressed in something comfy and so did Scarlett before we drove over to Louis’ and Harry’s flat. We rang the doorbell and were greeted by Niall.

‘Chloe! Long time no see.’ He said hugging me.

‘What am I a chopped liver?’ Scarlett said.

‘Sorry.’ He said hugging her.

If you didn’t already know ever since I met the boys I have been great friends with them. Niall was my best friend, Zayn was like my overprotective older brother, Harry had a small crush on me even though he liked Scarlett and Liam and I just didn’t get along to good. Anyways the boys decided to watch grease. I sat on the couch snuggling with Louis while Scarlett was snuggling with Harry. Zayn and Perrie were sat on the floor and Niall and Liam were sitting on the two arm chairs. When the movie ended Liam and Niall had both fallen asleep and Zayn and Perrie had already left. Harry and Scarlett were sleeping on the couch, so Louis and I were the only ones awake.

‘Chloe can I talk to you upstairs for a minute?’

‘Sure Louis.’

He took me up to his room and I heard their son change my mind playing lightly in the background.

‘So what is it Louis?’

‘Chloe, I know that we met two weeks ago but it feels like I’ve know you my whole life. When I saw you that day in the park, I knew you were the girl for me and that I had to get you whatever the pain. When I kissed you on the Ferris wheel I felt fire works going off and I wanted to ask you one simple question. Chloe will you be my girlfriend?’

‘Louis I would love to be your girlfriend!’

Louis’ smile widened as he picked me up and tailed me around planting a soft kiss on my lips. When he pulled away he said something that I wasn’t expecting.

‘I love you Chloe’

‘I love you too Louis.’

End of chapter 3.

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