Beyond the Night Road

When Harold Nielsen, a detective, investigates a series of murders in Austin, Texas, he faces time isn't on his side as the deaths continue.


2. Beyond the Night Road-Part Two


Ten o'clock AM, the next morning.

Tanya Kaine Shaeffer saw the sun shine in the warm, Texas, heat. She was nervous, as she heard about the latest murder on television; she attempted to ignore the sensation of impending dread while she saw President Nixon supporters, and members of his Cabinet, were on the campaign trail before the 1972 election that was coming up soon. She saw Matt Brady, her boyfriend, was asleep in their Kombi van. "Get up!", she uttered. Matt, who had long, black, hair, hazel eyes, and tall, shook his head. "I'm sleeping, babe". He saw her open the van's door. A woman was holding a placard in her left hand. It read: PRESIDENT NIXON WILL WIN...VOTE FOR HIM. Tanya shook her head. "Nixon hates the Kennedys. He shouldn't be in charge of America", she told the woman. She had had enough of politics; she wanted a free life, that was away from Washington, DC, and the White House's controversies. In short, America was going downward into the deepening abyss. As the 1960's ended, and the 1970's started, there was a shift in the country. Tanya knew that the horror of life was mirroring the past. She vowed to correct the ill feeling in her stomach; she gazed at the protestors. Suddenly, as she was dressed, she saw Mavis Boone-Lowers, her neighbour, drying her clothes in the Texas summer heat. "Good morning, Mavis. How're you doing?", Tanya asked her. "Bad, dear; really bad. I loathe Nixon". She finished putting her clothes on the line. "I know the President's not popular...", Tanya stated. Suddenly Bob Jake Lowers, Mavis's husband, was smiling at them. "Good morning, Tanya. How's Matt?", he asked her. "He's asleep. He had to drive all night doing his shift, you know", she answered her. "Yeah, I was writing my book. It's a horror novel called The Sleeping Worlds. It's 1971, and the World is changing", Bob stated. He walked back inside his house, and walked to his majestic looking study room, and begun to write on his new typewriter.


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