Beyond the Night Road

When Harold Nielsen, a detective, investigates a series of murders in Austin, Texas, he faces time isn't on his side as the deaths continue.


6. Beyond the Night Road-Part Six


March 5, 1972


The woman, Jessica Camp, warmed her cold hands near the fireplace. She had forgotten about Baxter. She was the only survivor of his kidnapping back in the summer of 1969. She had the deep, emotional, scars to prove it. At twenty-two, she was a young artist eager to paint...and hoped to have her work displayed in the New York Museum. But after her ordeal, she had lost her drive, and money to live in. Her apartment in Austin, Texas, was one hundred and fifty dollars a month; her super, Mr. Anderson, was suffering from a heart attack, and was in the hospital recovering. She had her faded memories of her home life which was full of hopes, dreams, and love; she had her parents living in New York, where she knew both of them would be eager to have their daughter believe in the American Dream. On the television, President Nixon was in China, and was prepared to have international relations between America and Asia. She hated politics; she was a Republican because she wanted to vote for the right party. The shifting mood in the country caused her to think that under Nixon, she could make her fortune under the American flag. In short, she decided to feel pressure to react to her demands of perfection. But, as June came around, death crept up upon her, and threatened to strangle the life out of the black, smoky, air outside her apartment in the middle of the dirt road.


Alan Carter smoked a cigarette.

He was busy writing his memoirs in the bright study room, when he heard the sound of knocking. "COME IN!", he yelled. Amy Quentin, his wife, smiled at him. "It's dinner time", she said. He stopped at "CHAPTER NINE". Alan stubbed out the cigarette, and nodded. He got out of his black seat, and opened the front door. He followed her down the hallway, then downstairs towards the huge Dining Room. On the spacious table were two plates full of chicken and pasta. Two glasses of wine were to the left; to the right was a warm campfire that warmed the room. As they sat down, it was seven o'clock in the early evening.


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