Beyond the Night Road

When Harold Nielsen, a detective, investigates a series of murders in Austin, Texas, he faces time isn't on his side as the deaths continue.


7. Beyond the Night Road-Part Seven


S. L. Marks walked down Ford Road. He shivered from the cold. He saw a couple kissing near Forbes Picnic Grounds. He looked at the lamp's glow. He saw the front entrance to the Boar's Head Pub. He opened the door with his left hand, and went inside. He saw a woman smiling at him. "Can I help you, Sir?", she asked him. He nodded. "Yes, I'd like a table for one please", he said. He followed her down the brightly-lit hallway to the Dining Room. A chandelier didn't swing, as he was taken to his seat. The woman smiled. "I'm Karen De Woolf". The man nodded. "Simon Marks", he said. Karen showed him the menu. "You can look for something...", she said. Simon grinned. "I'll have some coffee, and eggs benedict". Karen nodded. She wrote everything down with her black pen. Then she attended to other customers.


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