Beyond the Night Road

When Harold Nielsen, a detective, investigates a series of murders in Austin, Texas, he faces time isn't on his side as the deaths continue.


4. Beyond the Night Road-Part Four


Section Two


Baxter Cline Masters, Jr., gripped the sharp razor in his left hand. He looked at the imprisoned girl in the small room. "Don't move, girl, or I'll cut you", he threatened. The radio was on. All he heard was the political rally. He frowned; he was thinking KPAV would play jazz music. He remembered the Zodiac attacks in California in the mid to late 1960's, and early 1970's; he was sure that Charles Manson and his hippy commune in 1969, wouldn't come to Texas; he was thinking about the trouble America was in now. By 1972, the growing nightmare of death had spread across the country, as he closed his eyes, and imagined his first kill back in the summer of 1961. Baxter, who was eleven back then, had shot a boy with his father's gun in the Texas backwoods. It wasn't an accident; it was murder. But, because he was under-age, he had spent the next two years at the Austin Youth Offender's Facility until he turned thirteen. 

      When he was released, it was 1963. And, when President Kennedy died, Baxter laid low for the next seven years, until 1970, when he turned eighteen. By the hot summer of 1972, Baxter walked towards the American roads at night time. He was twenty year's old. He knew the idea of kidnapping, and murder, was preying on his mind. He saw Alison Franks, an maths student at Texas College. Baxter had knocked her out, and dragged her underneath the house he owned during Christmas of 1971. He was sure that she would be on the "Missing Person's Registrar"; she would feel anxious, (like her parents were); she was a girl who cried all of the time. Baxter ignored her cries; he ignored her pleas for help. It was something that irked him. He looked at the bright sun. "Look, girl. I know you're scared. But I am beyond help. Now, stay there...and behave". And he smiled, and left her alone to plan her escape.

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