Beyond the Night Road

When Harold Nielsen, a detective, investigates a series of murders in Austin, Texas, he faces time isn't on his side as the deaths continue.


8. Beyond the Night Road-Part Eight


Baxter Cline left the house.

He focused on the black, threatening, clouds. 

By seven-thirty PM, the sun started to set. He left Alison Franks alone. It was always risky going out at night. He reached Plum Road, as several teenagers were smoking cigarettes, and drinking beer. He heard the sound of booming thunder in the raging in the night sky. In his right hand was a sharp razor. As he approached them, a girl screamed in horror. "God, no!", she yelled. Her boyfriend grabbed a .9mm gun, and fired into the killer's chest four times, until his body thudded to the wet, hard, ground.

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