Bunny | Drarry

Harry x Draco serial killer AU


3. Chapter 3:

I got to the school after a few minutes, if I wanted I could have walked to it but I'm to lazy.

I entered the school and as usual girls were whispering and giggling while looking my way. Sometimes I hate my job.. why don't they understand that I'm too old for them? Geez!

I got to my classroom and waited for the students to arrive. As I waited, a new text popped up on my phone.

Unknown: I'm someone who has been loving you for 15 years.

Shit, I was 8 years old if I did the math right. Who the hell is this person? I barely knew anyone 15 years ago..

Harry: Can you be more specific?

Unknown: well, not really. If you want to know who I am, come and find me behind the school you work at.

Excuse me, WHAT? They know where I work? That's straight up creepy! I started to panic a little.

Harry: WTF? No! A creepy stalker like you probably wants to hurt me or something!

Unknown: I'm not going to do anything to you. Don't worry, my love.

Wowowowow, hold the phone. My love? Now I'm officially freaked out! Should I call the cops? No it's probably just a dumbass that's trying to prank me. At least I hope so.

Harry: When do I meet you?

Unknown: after your classes, come alone.

Harry: Fine, I'm going to be there. But any funny business and I’m calling the police.

Wtf am I doing, agreeing to this? What if it really is a stalker?

Unknown: The police? Ouch that hurts my feelings. But don’t you worry your pretty little head, i still love you. See you soon my sweet. xoxo

The couple nicknames just makes it ten times worse. Why does this happen to me? Who is that person and what do they want from me? What should I do? I have so many questions!

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