Bunny | Drarry

Harry x Draco serial killer AU


2. Chapter 2: Text

Harry’s POV:

I woke up to the sound of my phone, buzzing, as I got a text.

When I finally got my lazy ass up to check my phone, I read the message.

Unknown: Hello

That was all it said on the lock screen of my phone. I slid my finger across the screen and responded to the text.

Harry: hello? Who are you?

No response.. Deciding to ignore it, i was off to work. But still, I had this weird feeling this wasn’t a prank. First the call, now the text.. No, I’m just overreacting.

I took off my pajamas and put my fancy but not too fancy clothes. My boring white undershirt and my black jacket over it. For my pants I just put on classic black pants.

After eating some of my favorite cereals, I walked into my office to get my papers and my student's exams. I had stayed up almost all night to finish correcting them all.

Being a teacher isn’t always the easiest or most enjoyable job in the world, but living with my best friend Ron is helping, even tho he's rarely here.

He's always at his girlfriends house, who’s also our other best friend Hermione, so.. I have the house to myself most days.

After brushing my teeth and combing my hair, I went to my gray car and sat in the drivers seat.

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