Bunny | Drarry

Harry x Draco serial killer AU


1. Chapter 1: Unknown

"A serial killer has been released after 15 years from prison. He killed both his parents at 7 years old. And-"

I turned off the TV hearing the sound of my phone ringing. I approached my iPhone looking at the number. It was an unknown number. I decided to answer anyways, clicking the green button.

"hello?" No response. "hellloooo? Who is this?" I asked again. probably just some dumb prank call..

I pressed the red buttons and a heavy sigh left my lips, as if I hadn't slept in days."I should go to bed.." I mumbled to myself as I went up the stairs.


"I can't believe how you've grown so tall and handsome, my dearest friend." I said with a grin filling up my whole face. "it's been 15 years that I haven't seen you, Harry Potter." I chuckled lightly, hiding in the bushes of Harry’s house.

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