Travis Valkrum has gone through more of a bad childhood than others can even imagine. Losing those he cared about most took a toll on him, a burden he would have to carry forever. His father, however, the creator of nightmares, wanted his son to take his position. Travis wouldn't let him, and so his life became the worst to be seen by anyone. The girl he likes turns him down whenever he tries to hint that he's interested in her, but one day, life couldn't take seeing his rejection anymore.


1. Rough Start

Warm sun, soft sand. Travis, a three year old boy who never was without a smile, was playing in the sandbox in his yard with his sister, Charlotte. Charlotte was older than him by two years, a cheery girl. They both had hair as white as the snow, and eyes as green as emeralds. They shined in the sunlight of the warm spring day, and a day had never felt so perfect to either of them. That is, until, the day went dark.

Huge, gray clouds blocked the sun, a faint, darker shadow towering over the young children. Travis and Charlotte looked up at the large figure behind them to see their father, his large, red sword in his hand, hanging loosely in his hand at his side. The children rushed to stand as Charlotte pushed her brother out of the sandbox. Travis fell onto the ground as he heard his sister scream. The piercing scream almost stung him more than seeing her limp, pale body, staining the bright yellow sand red with blood.

In pure fear, Travis looked up at his father, tears running down his face as he watched him pull his sword out of his sister's body. Charlotte saw her brother's fearful face as the last thing she saw before her vision faded with her expression, and she was gone.

Travis scrambled to his feet and ran to the house, his father not moving, but slowly appearing closer behind him. Travis ran to his mother, who was cleaning the kitchen. She picked up her son and held him as she knew what was going on. Running as fast as she could, she ran him to the fence line of their yard and their neighbors, her eyes filled with a frantic worry.

"Travis, run to your friend, Dante, okay? Tell him what's going on, and always remember that I love you, my good, brave boy..." she praises him sadly, smiling at him with her tears flowing as fast as his. "My little sunshine."

That was the last words she ever spoke to him. She lifted him over the fence and ran to their father, his sword stabbing through her chest. She gasped for air as blood trickled down her mouth, her limp body falling to the grass. Her jade eyes were filled with tears as her face went blank, her snow white hair being stained red by her own blood. 

As Travis watched his mother, he wept tears of loss, sorrow, and despair. He ran across yards and driveways, knowing his father was behind him. He ran to his friend Dante, a blue haired, blue eyed little boy of the same age, and was taken into his house. He managed to explain his situation with tears flowing down his cheeks, sobbing and stuttering nearly every word.

That was the last he would ever see of his sister and his mother. The sunshines of his life.

At last, the nightmare ended as Travis, an adult, sat up in a cold sweat, his eyes wide with fear in his dark room.

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