Travis Valkrum has gone through more of a bad childhood than others can even imagine. Losing those he cared about most took a toll on him, a burden he would have to carry forever. His father, however, the creator of nightmares, wanted his son to take his position. Travis wouldn't let him, and so his life became the worst to be seen by anyone. The girl he likes turns him down whenever he tries to hint that he's interested in her, but one day, life couldn't take seeing his rejection anymore.


2. New Girls

Travis, sweating in his bed, sat up in a rush in the middle of the night. He's had the same nightmare for years, every once in a while. His bright emerald eyes glanced around the room in a rushed manner, his breaths heavy and his eyes wide. Once he remembered that he was safe, he used the back of his hand to wipe the cold sweat off his face, and laid back into bed.

He was now an adult, just about twenty-three years old. His birthday was coming up to officially mark the day, however. He was living with his best friend since childhood, Dante, and their two other friends, Garroth and Laurence. As of now, they're really the only friends he had nearby, at least on the street. That is, until, they saw a new household move in across the street from them.

The morning after his nightmare, Travis was making them all some coffee before the day officially started when he heard a large truck pulling into a driveway on their street. Curious, he looked outside with Dante, seeing a large moving truck being unloaded by what appeared to be men who worked for the moving company. The boys watched for a while, pretty uninterested, until the car which they assumed belonged to the owners of the house pulled into the driveway next to the truck.

The car was carrying three girls. The first girl to get out from the backseat was a girl with pastel pink hair, shoulderless long sleeve shirt, and skirt. She had golden eyes and cat ears with a matching tail, and they appeared to be real. Going along with her cat theme, her makeup was done natural, with pink lipstick and a cat eye. She seemed very energetic and happy, bouncing around the driveway as she waited for her friends. She was the definition of cute, seeming very adorable overall.

"Cutie," Dante commented under his breath to Travis as they watched the other two get out. The second girl was next to the first, and she had long black hair and deep chocolate eyes. Her skin was tan and her outfit was themed purple, with a loose violet shirt and a black skirt with black leggings. She had natural makeup, but she was very beautiful, so the makeup wasn't even needed. She seemed to be the type of girl everyone would like, and she was a friend to everyone. She was easily the most beautiful girl any of the boys had known.

The third girl's hair went down to her waist, and she was the tallest of the three, with the second girl being the shortest. She was wearing a brown and white striped sweater and brown shorts, and the natural colors brought out her sky blue hair and her icy blue eyes. Her makeup was well done, with light pink lipstick and sparkly natural eyeshadow, and winged eyeliner to define her sparkly eyes. Something about her seemed intriguing, like there was more to her than she showed, but her vibes were tough, but kind. She would be described as the "hot" friend, but she was dangerous, no doubt.

"Dang... that last cutie is really doing it for me..." Travis commented to Dante, watching the girls. Laurence and Garroth had come over as they were watching the girls, and they were watching together. That was until the girl with blue hair looked behind her and saw them staring, pointing them out to her friends, who also looked behind them.

Thinking quickly, Laurence closed the blinds of the window and took them all away from it. He had caramel hair and baby blue eyes, and his casual wear was a white and black striped sweater and black jeans. He was a decently cute boy, but his personality was very much the definition of a friend.

"Thanks, bro..." Garroth thanked him, patting his shoulder. Garroth was the tallest boy in the house, and his demeanor left him seeming taller. He had light blond hair and bright blue eyes, and often wore a plaid shirt of the same blue with a matching white shirt underneath, with blue jeans to match it all. 

"No problem... did you guys see all those cuties?" Laurence asks back, sitting on the counter. Travis and Dante chuckle, glancing at each other.

"Yeah we did... we saw them first!" Dante replies, still chuckling. He was the shortest boy, by at least an inch or two. His ocean blue hair and eyes were matching, and his face had a childish sort of look to him, with his eyes larger than average. He often wore a bright red sweatshirt with a white shirt underneath, and blue jeans that matched his hair and eye color. He was known as a flirt, since he was very friendly, but he wasn't the biggest flirt on the street. Travis was.

Travis, the huge casanova, was nearly always in black jeans and a jungle green hoodie that complimented his snowy hair and emerald eyes very well. His hair often partially covered one eye, and he was rarely not flirting with any girl he saw.

"Should we say hi to them?" he suggested, grinning, and definitely planning to flirt. The rest of the guys looked at each other and nodded.

"Great, race ya!" he exclaimed with a determined tone, running out of the house and across the street. The rest of the guys followed him, excited to meet the pretty ladies.

The girls all looked at them a bit strangely. The one with pink hair smiled politely, the black haired one smiled back and leaned against the car, and the blue haired one raised an eyebrow at them with her arms crossed, and didn't smile. Travis, for some reason, felt like he wanted to know more about the sour one than the others, but her annoyed vibe seemed a bit of a challenge. He rubbed the back of his head before beginning to speak.

"Uh, hey ladies... where have you all been all my life~?" he flirted, grinning dorkishly. The first two girls giggled a bit shyly, glancing to each other, but the third one didn't bat an eye at him.

"What do you want, dork," she asks sternly. Travis made a mental note that she probably wasn't the one you'd spend time telling jokes with.

"I-uh, nothing... I just, uh..." he stammered before Dante stepped in to help.

"We noticed you three beauties moved in across the street from us, so we wanted to introduce ourselves! I'm Dante, this is Travis, Laurence, and Garroth!" he introduces them, each guy bowing when mentioned. When Travis bowed, he glanced up at the blue haired girl and winked, grinning. The girl, in response, rolled her eyes and let out an annoyed sigh, looking away.

"Whatever..." she replied, clearly irritated.

"Oh Katelyn, be nice to them! Sorry about her, she's not very friendly when you first meet her..." the black haired girl apologized to them. "I'm Aphmau, she's obviously Katelyn, and this is Kawaii~Chan!"

"Well, now that I know your name, miss Katelyn, I can say that you're a right beauty~!" Travis flirted again, this time knowing it wouldn't help. Katelyn simply nodded.

"I know, mister flirt. Don't try and butter me up, it won't work," she warned him. Travis nodded and thought about that, wondering what he saw in the sour girl, but not willing to give up. He believed that he could get her smiling because of him.

"Don't worry, I won't butter you up! You're already sweetened~!" he flirted again. She didn't take it and just left, leaving him standing there. He ended up looking down at her butt, not meaning to, but he couldn't help it. It just looked so soft, and squishy. He wanted to poke it.

He ended up following her, in a sort of trance. Aphmau paused her conversation with the rest of the guys and Kawaii~Chan to look at them, her eyes going wide as she saw what he was going to do.

"Travis, don't do that!" she warned him, but it was too late. His hand was already on her booty.

Quick as lightning, Katelyn whipped around and slapped him straight across the face, leaving a red handprint. The last thing Travis heard was his friends going "ooooooh!" in the background, and Katelyn's annoyed face watching him fall to the ground before he blacked out, still satisfied.

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