Travis Valkrum has gone through more of a bad childhood than others can even imagine. Losing those he cared about most took a toll on him, a burden he would have to carry forever. His father, however, the creator of nightmares, wanted his son to take his position. Travis wouldn't let him, and so his life became the worst to be seen by anyone. The girl he likes turns him down whenever he tries to hint that he's interested in her, but one day, life couldn't take seeing his rejection anymore.


4. Future Regrets

*This chapter features an OC of mine, and you will get details on her as the story continues.*

Travis woke up in the hospital a few days later, hooked up to several machines to help him survive his injuries. He looked around and saw that Dante was asleep in the chair next to him. He heard and saw several nurses running around and taking care of patients, carrying food, blankets, and medicines. 

"Dante...?" he asked, looking back at Dante to see him waking up. Dante smiled at him with relief washing over him. 

"Oh good... you're awake!" he sighed in relief, looking happy. "You probably want an explanation... well, you had just left the girl's house, and as you were walking back home, a car was about to run into Katelyn and hurt her, but you pushed her out of the way and took the impact instead..."

Travis looked confused as this was explained to him. "Who... who is Katelyn?" he asked, having no idea. Dante looked at him, pretty shocked.

"You... don't remember Katelyn?" he asked, astounded. "You had, like, the biggest crush on her in the world!"

Travis shrugged, not remembering anything. "I don't know much... I mean, her name sounds familiar... I just can't put her name to a person..." he told him. 

Just then, a girl ran in. She had curly, caramel brown hair naturally, but the bottom half was dyed a nice fuschia color. Her large, bright, baby blue eyes were filled with worry as she knelt next to the bed. She was around average height for a lady, and she was wearing an A-line skirt dress that was all black, with a single white daisy chain around the collar. She grabbed Travis's hands and held them tightly, a worried expression.

"Travis! Are you alright? I've been checking in on you for the past few days!" she told him, sighing in exhaustion from running, and relief.

Travis nodded and looked at her, having no idea who she was. "Yes, um... who are you?" he asked her, not remembering her either.

"I'm Lily, and you probably don't remember anything... the nurses said you have amnesia, but we'll help you!" she told him happily, holding his hands a little tighter.

Travis nodded again, glancing at Dante for some help as to how she had relations to him. Dante sighed before answering.

"She's-" he began, but he was cut off by the door opening again. It was Katelyn, holding some nice pink roses. She set the roses in a vase next to his bed, kneeling next to Lily.

"Hey Travis... you doing okay?" she asked him. The second he saw her, he remembered who she was and what she meant to him. Although, seeing her and Lily together made him feel a bit anxious, and he wasn't sure why.

"Uh, yeah, I'm-I'm fine..." he replied, taking a bit of a deep breath. "Anyway, Dante, help?"

Dante nodded before continuing. "Yeah, as I was saying, Lily is your girlfriend."

Just as those words left Dante's mouth, Katelyn felt a bit uneasy. "Uh-... hm...." was all she was able to reply. She was near certain he had a certain degree of interest in her, but now that she knew he had a girlfriend, she decided she hated what he had done.

Lily smiled at him brightly, however, not sensing her tension. "Yep! That's why I've been coming so often to check on you! I care so much about you, and I'd never want to lose you!" she admitted, kissing his cheek. Katelyn looked even more uncomfortable as she saw that, remembering when Travis had kissed her cheek the night of the accident. 

While Lily didn't notice Katelyn's expression, Travis did. He looked over at her and the faint smile that had become present from the kiss faded as he wondered what was wrong. "Hey... what's wrong?" he asked her, looking genuinely concerned. Katelyn stood up and backed away a bit, her expression fading from appalled to resentment. 

"Nothing... nothing at all..." she dismissed with distaste in her voice as she turned and left.

Lily, having no idea why she was upset, watched her go with a confused face. "Hm, I wonder what that was about..." she asked generally. Dante shrugged as his response, and looked over at Travis, who had a look of realization on his face.

He remembered what he had done during his relationship. He wasn't sure who he loved now, so he decided to keep it inside him for now.

As he decided to hide the truth from everyone and let it rot inside him. Katelyn had gone home to her friends and was now venting her frustrations out to them. She didn't mention the part that she had feelings for him in the first place.

The one choice they made in common was that they were never going to tell anyone. They knew it wasn't smart, but they were more scared of the truth than of the lies.

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