OC Origin: C.Jay

This is the origin story or i guess just the bio of a character named: C.Jay.


8. Triumph! This is C.Jay.

The crowd of people stood at the base of the mountain when they heard C.Jay's heroic battle cry echo throughout the valley. Then... Silence... Tension built and Crazy Guy began to get antsy. He was about to rush the mountain when suddenly the dragon broke the silence, screeching and flying with the left side of his body almost completely missing! The crowd watched as he flew towards the village only to crash and burst into flames! The crowd all rushed to the boned of the fallen beast to see if their eyes were telling them the truth! Jamie looked at the bones, "wait... if the dragon is dead... then C.Jay must be... Fang! He's probably hu-" Crazy Guy had already taken off to see if C.Jay was alive. Crazy Guy had climbed the mountain way faster than C.Jay did, and entered the cave. He looked for a bit but quickly found the injured C.Jay Holding the baby azuray in his arms. Crazy Guy wasn't frantic at all and sat right next to his friend. "Hey man... you gonna live right" he asked... "Uhm... yeah I don't think I'm dying." he responded. "Oh. Ok, well... where'd ya get the little one?" Crazy Guy asked. "Oh, well that dragon got dirty and used him as bait. I saved him... I couldn't let him die, his eyes were too bright... can you get me out of here now? I'm in a lot of pain." Crazy Guy agreed and carried C.Jay down the mountain who was holding his new pet/son in his arms. As they reached the base of the mountain, C.Jay was resting in Crazy Guy's arms at first before... he heard a very familiar voice in his head,"Are you alive my dear?" she asked. "Yes oh yes I am my dearest" he responded in his mind. His eyes opened wide as he heard with his own ears what he has been dying to hear for years, "C.Jay!!!" She yelled his name at the top of her lungs and he turned his head to look at the woman he had yearned to see with so much joy in his heart his body didn't feel broken at that moment and he sprung from Crazy Guy's grip and limped as fast as he could into the arms of Jamie. They both cried and embraced each other, as the people cheered in triumph! C.Jay's house was rebuilt and he eventually and he and Jamie got married. Before he could say "I do" he learned that Jamie's father was behind the creation of his headband! And to insure C.Jay make Jamie as happy as possible for as long as possible, he was blessed with "The warriors heart" Which prolonged his youth and kept him in fighting condition for as long as the headband existed, and C.Jay's love for her existed. They had three children together named, Jackson, Jay, and Joe. They adopted a child named Scott much later down the road. C.Jay is in his early 60s now, but still... every now and then... the ninja, the mage, and the crazy man go on an epic journey!    

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