OC Origin: C.Jay

This is the origin story or i guess just the bio of a character named: C.Jay.


6. The Dragon

Two and a half years go by and C.Jay and his best friend Crazy Guy have made a name for themselves, man, myth, legend, and for Crazy Guy, Half man, myth, legend! They went across the land, battling the undead, man, monster, beast, They even fought unicorn! But eventually the day of accomplishment came about, as C.Jay and Crazy Guy dove into the catacomb that granted them their 100th gold bar but it revealed the magical abilities of C.Jay's headband! Not only could he cause an outburst of energy that knocks back all hostiles but it also can turn into many different types of weapons, such as a sword and spear. But his excitement for his new-found weapon was overshadowed by the fact that he would soon be with his true love. As soon as they got their hands on it, both heroes went straight to the Hidden Village of Magi, where C.Jay gladly presented the gold to the smug gatekeeper. He looked up from the large pile of gold, saw it was the legendary C.Jay and pretty much groveled at his feet and showed him to his new home. It was everything he wanted to to be, really! Like somehow it had all of the furniture and everything he dreamed it would be like... In exact detail. Alicteare explained, "Well yes! Actually... The magic of this village tapped into the inner sanctity of your mind and found your dream home! Betcha the 100 gold bars was worth it now!". C.Jay nodded to him and sat back in a chill chair, where he... chilled out for a minute. Crazy Guy came up to him after exploring the house for a bit, "Hey man! Shouldn't we go find Jamie?". C.Jay then put his hands on his knees and exhaled, "Man... I gotta find out what I'm gonna say!". They both pondered for a little bit but then C.Jay came up with a smooth idea. Crazy Guy was to find her and bring her to him, where they would embrace in the perfect weather. Crazy Guy was down with this plan and set out to find her. C.Jay sit back...Relaxed... And was caught completely off guard by a giant fireball that destroyed his house!! At first he was wide eyed because he had no idea what just happened, then he looked to the sky and saw a dragon zoom by and the only thing he felt was rage. He shoved the destroyed bits of his house aside and charged towards the mountain that the dragon flew into. He was in blind anger mode, the people of the town were screaming and the guards were shouting at C.Jay not to go, but he couldn't hear them, he saw red and heard nothing. Before he knew it, he found himself inside of the monstrous beast's cave, prepared for the fight of his life.             

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