OC Origin: C.Jay

This is the origin story or i guess just the bio of a character named: C.Jay.


5. His Journey begins.

Things only got better and better for C.Jay, He had a best friend, a battle mage, and on top of all that, he was in love. He had it pretty good for years and years! Until he graduated high school. The day after his graduation celebration, Jamie spoke to him telepathically, saying "Meet me at the pier at 8:00 PM" C.Jay awoke that day so excited that he could not hide it. He went over to Crazy Guy's house with the news but also with a plan, "I'm gonna ask her to marry me!" he said with glee. Crazy Guy was thrilled with this news and congratulated him. As 8:00 pm rolled around C.Jay was one minute early as usual. "Hello darling!" he said smiling ear to ear, surprising her a little. "Cole... Hello.." She meekly spoke. Immediately C.Jay knew something was wrong, he approached her, held her hands and asked her what was wrong. "I-I'm a grown woman now..." She explained, she then clutched his hands and looked away with tears in her eyes. "My father is coming for me! I am going to the hidden village of Magi where I will continue my path of sorcery! We will... Likely never meet again!" She said sobbing. Before C.Jay could even protest this a large portal opened up and began to vacuum her inside of it. In the chaos, C.Jay yelled "I WON'T LET YOU GO!!" The vortex was powerful but so was he, he would not let go, it then began electrocuting him badly and the pain took it's tole and he fell unconscious. He awoke to Crazy Guy's mother (who was a super zombie herself) tending to his wounds. It stung pretty bad, but Jamie being taken away from him hurt more. He slammed his fists on the table in front of him, frustrated and angry, His only love Jamie was taken from him and he didn't know where to find her. He explained to Crazy Guy's folks the she said something about "The Hidden Village of Magi". Crazy Guy's father, being a war hero, knew exactly where that was, and gave C.Jay a map that lead to it. Having the map and his best friend at his side he only needed one last item for his journey, his master's blade known as "The Flame Serpent" which Master Drake gladly granted him to proceed with his journey. After traveling for a few days, using his ninja-like speed and a boat that he crafted, C.Jay and his best friend found themselves at the gateway of The Hidden Village of Magi. A dark elf by the name of "Alicteare Blets", was the gate keeper and oh, he was one mean piece of work."Greeting mortal, yadda yadda yadda, state your business" C.Jay told him that he was there to see Jamie hearth, "Ohohohohoooo, okay... are you a property owner here?" C.Jay looked from left to right and said no. Alicteare turned to a book and basically shooed C.Jay away with "Only property owners may have access, you shall not pass, begone". C.Jay wanted to deck this guy but that wouldn't help. Se he reluctantly asked, "How much for property here then?". The gatekeeper barely paid attention to C.Jay while stating,"one hundred gold bars and you may live here forever, all utilities, peaceful life". C.Jay looked down, said ok, and began to walk away. Crazy Guy caught up with him, "C'mon man! We can't just give up!" Crazy Guy argued. "we're not!" C.Jay said as he started running. "Lets go Fang! We've got some treasure hunting to do!" Crazy Guy shouted with joy and the two best friend's journey had begun.       

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