OC Origin: C.Jay

This is the origin story or i guess just the bio of a character named: C.Jay.


3. His headband

Having met his best friend, he began to enjoy going to school a bit more, though he preferred to play at his forest with him. Crazy Guy met Master Drake who saw great potential in him. This is when C.Jay received his first mission, Master Drake told C.Jay about a headband with magical properties that was stolen from him years ago by some sneak thieves. C.Jay was to go into their base, get the headband, and get out. C.Jay knew he could handle this mission no problem, but he was unsure if Crazy Guy was able to be stealthy and effective to accomplish this mission but Master Drake insisted he would be the perfect companion for C.Jay on this mission... How could he say no? C.Jay packed his weapons and was setting off on the mission when Master Drake stopped him, he explained some very important instructions, "Do not let Fang fight until you absolutely need him to". This advice was the key to their success. C.Jay easily handled the guards and not letting his friend fight but when they found themselves surrounded by twenty men Crazy guy was shaky from all of the action and being inactive. They both stood back to back... surrounded... "N-N-NOW?!", he asked,"Go nuts", C.Jay told him. In about eleven seconds, the two boys cleaned house and left all twenty men battered and unconscious, Crazy Guy had nose blood on his face from the men he had fought, he was going a bit nuts and his super-zombie DNA was kinda kicking in but C.Jay was able to calm him down. Both boys ran like anime ninjas to the dojo and presented the headband to Master Drake. "Master! We have brought you your headband back!" C.Jay said. Master Drake continued to work on something and said "My headband?? Ah yes, no that's YOUR headband." C.Jay looked at the headband deeply, "But... you said it had magical properties! I could never..." Master Drake turned to C.Jay, looked him directly in the eyes and said, "One day you will grow older and journey away from me, I will not always be able to protect you as well as I'd like to my son... Keep this headband, and let it's magical properties be discovered to you!". He did not know it, but the warrior known as C.Jay had just received his ultimate weapon.   

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