OC Origin: C.Jay

This is the origin story or i guess just the bio of a character named: C.Jay.


4. Her.

C.Jay's life was at an all time high, he had a best friend, he loved where he lived, and his skill only grew from that point on. Only thing missing..? A girl, of course. Though there were lots of girls at his school none of them really paid much attention to him but he was too happy to really care, until the fateful day came... She sat right next to him... looked at him, and smiled with her crooked teeth. C.Jay's body felt like warm honey and they actually talked to each other, kid stuff, what both of them like to do, C.Jay told her of his training and how he and his buddy Crazy Guy took down twenty men. She smiled and laughed with him, before gesturing for him to come a little closer. She looked back and forth before whispering in his ear "I'm a sorceress!". C.Jay was a bit dumbfounded, was this a joke? Was she messing with his brain?? He did not know what to think, but before he could ask her anything the bell rung, it was time to go home. C.Jay began packing his stuff but not before she got in his face, looked him right in the eye and said, "You don't believe me do you! well here!", handing him a piece of paper and walking towards the exit. Before she was out the door completely she said, "By the way, I'm Jamie". C.Jay sat love struck, unable to move, Crazy Guy had to help him get out of his desk and get him home. Even when he got home he was still frozen in that position! Master Drake saw this and immediately knew that C.Jay had just seen his soulmate. After a while C.Jay had finally gotten his mind together and was able to read the paper, which stated "Meet me at the pier at 8:00 PM tonight" C.Jay looked at the clock... 7:50 PM. Let's just say that... that is the fastest he had ever moved in his life, making it there at exactly 7:59 PM, the pier being ten minutes away. C.Jay showed up out of breath but still happy that he wasn't late. "Well! You're uhm... early...ish!" They both laughed. She grabbed C.Jay's hand and lead him to a beautiful view of the city, first taking their time to enjoy it. Then she turned to him and said,"Ok, check this out, I've been practicing". She put her hands in front of each other, (her palms facing each other), and began concentrating. C.Jay was looking on, expecting nothing to really happen. Suddenly, bright blue static electricity began to form in the center of her hands, the power grew and grew as it lit up C.Jay's astonished face. Jamie then put her hands to the sky and fired a lightning bolt that completely blew C.Jay away. He laid with his back halfway on the ground being held up by his hands as she panted after that display, "Go ahead, run away... I'm a freak I kno-"THAT WAS AMAZING!!!" C.Jay interrupted, "You'd make a great battle mage! You should come along with me and Crazy Guy on an adventure!". She turned with joy and tears in her eyes "R-Really?!" she said with excitement. They both held hands and expressed their joy. The excitement faded and they were left holding each other's hands, gazing into each others eyes. She closed her eyes and concentrated, C.Jay was a bit confused but then he... heard a voice in his head. "Are you... the one..?" C.Jay jumped back, "WOOAH!! DID YOU JUST-" she crept closer to him, "You.. Heard... the only way that would be possible is if our souls were... connected". A shooting star went by, as they kissed in the moonlight.       

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