OC Origin: C.Jay

This is the origin story or i guess just the bio of a character named: C.Jay.


7. Dragon-slayer!

Consumed by rage, he didn't even think of the battle ahead, as far as he was concerned this beast costed him everything he worked for, and he was going to fight with everything he had. The mountain was climbed in almost no time at all and C.Jay soon found himself face to face with the mighty dragon. It snarled and looked deeply into C.Jay's soul as he looked at its... "what dreh Mu lost het? aan Mey?? driven towardde ok own dinok? interesting..." The mighty beast spoke in his tongue. He began to laugh at the lone warrior, " tol lost hin home folov?! ohohohoo!! what fen hi dreh foolish joor?! ohohohooo!!!". C.Jay jumped up and kneed the mighty dragon in the chin, causing him to bite his own tongue! As the beast yelled in agony, C.Jay showcased his knowledge of the dragon language, "show zu'u what hi're made do jackass!!". The beast's eyes were filled with fire and the confrontation became an epic battle. C.Jay was fast and agile, and he could get in a lot of slashes but he always kept in mind the truth, the dragon isn't slow, and he only needs to hit C.Jay once or twice for this to be over. C.Jay was unhittable, for a good while, jumping on the dragon and making slashes as he moved as fast as he possibly could, but eventually all that effort caught up with him and he began to slow down. C.Jay got to the ground and panted, looking at the angered beast. The dragon let out a roar that rattled C.Jay's bones, his body stood frozen for a second but not for long as he was greeted with a dragon's tail across his skull! It felt like a fire hose just suddenly went off at full pressure on his head! He fell to the ground, most likely seriously concussed, but before he could pass out, a dragons claw crush and pin him to the ground. From the village below Jamie stood, having been found by Crazy Guy with tears in her eyes as a crowd of people stood at the base of the mountain, hearing C.Jay's agonizing yells. His bones broke and cracked as the dragon stalked closer to him,"You are cleaver in learning my tongue, however, this foolish game of chase is now over!." The dragon began to prepare a fire blast when C.Jay closed his eyes, and with everything he had shouted "Outburst!" His headband shined brightly and a thunderous force shoved the dragon's claw off of him and went into the beast's mouth which caused a massive explosion! The dragon was completely blown away, but more importantly, badly injured. His teeth were gone! He could barely see! He looked to C.Jay and saw he had a crazed look in his eyes as he was shakily rising to his feet. To lose... to a mortal? NO! He would not have it! He got desperate and looked for any possible way to come away with the victory. This is when he looked into C.Jay's heroic heart and knew he'd protect any innocent. He then used his most sadistic mind, a dark, but brilliant strategy crossed his mind. "This hatchling that I must care for... he will protect it." The beast put in front of him a small freshly hatched baby azuray (A baby undeveloped dragon), and looked directly at C.Jay with a wicked open mouth smile plastered on his face. Blood and saliva ran down his face as his bloodshot eyes panned from C.Jay to the hatchling to let C.Jay know his vile intentions. As he began to charge another fire blast, C.Jay became aware of his intentions and rushed on front of the hatchling. The dragon did not hesitate and blasted directly at C.Jay, who's only defense was his sword. He saw the fire coming towards him, expecting only death. he closed his eyes as he felt the heat of this intense flame... But to his surprise he... was able to open his eyes afterwards! He was not dead! He looked to his master's blade to see it had absorbed the dragon's fire! The fire had awakened the blade as it had a light blue glow to it. The dragon, for the first time in his long existence felt fear. The dragon began to back away from the battered C.Jay, he would not die! Why?! C.Jay got his bearings straight and had released one final attack! He sprinted as fast as possible with the blade at hand and jumped from one rock to another and with all of his might! Delivered the final blow!      

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