OC Origin: C.Jay

This is the origin story or i guess just the bio of a character named: C.Jay.


2. Creation of a Legend

Meeting Master Drake for C.Jay was the beginning of what he was to become. C.Jay had no one to care for him and Master Drake needed a student, killing two birds with one stone was the way to go. Master Drake took C.Jay in and raised him not only as his student, but eventually as his son. C.Jay for the first time in his short life felt something that he had never felt before, the love of a parent. He not only learned how to have humanity, but he also learned a sacred technique known as "Secret Palm of the Forest". which is an almost lost fighting ability that strengthens the users palms and knocked his opponents far back. The only users that existed that still used this technique was Master Drake, and C.Jay. The training involved mostly speed and force. them living in a forest, C.Jay's power, speed, and agility were risen to a very high level, but as the years passed, C.Jay could not remain at the forest... he had to go to elementary school. C.Jay was against this idea, the forest was all he needed in his opinion, but Master Drake knew that his hermit lifestyle was no lifestyle for a young child to live, so C.Jay was sent to school, even though he didn't really have much to learn there... Going to school was a pretty boring experience for him. The assignments were too easy and the playground wasn't as fun as the forest he played in. Day by day went by in that boring boring place, one faithful day, as he was walking home from school as he normally did, there was a slight fog in the air, it wasn't too bad and C.Jay still had his senses. He continued walking when suddenly a whooshing in the mist brushed past him, his battle instincts kicked in and he stood prepared to fight. The tension rose, but C.Jay remembered his training, "Stay Focused!!", suddenly C.Jay's senses kicked in as something jumped out at him! He did a back-flip Pele kick, (Which is a move where a back-flip is done and the momentum of the flip is transformed into a kick) and it struck whatever it was that was stalking him! C.Jay slowly moved closer to the stalker to find a boy with very sharp teeth rubbing his head on the ground "OOWWWW!! Why'd you do that?!", the boy said. "Why'd I do that?? You're the one tryin' ta sneak up on me!",  The little boy with sharp teeth got up quickly with a smile, "guess my manners could use a little work hehe..", This was Fang Superzombist, The Super-Zombie war was over for years and Fang was the result of a half human half super-zombie, so energetic, so fun, so crazy. They played in the forest and became best friends, and Fang Superzombist earned the nickname: "Crazy Guy".        

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