OC Origin: C.Jay

This is the origin story or i guess just the bio of a character named: C.Jay.


1. Cole Jay Angryson

Name: Cole Jay Angryson (Goes by the nickname C.Jay) Title: Martial artist/ Ninja / Adventurer / Husband / Father / Grandfather Info: C.Jay's story begins as all of our stories do, as an infant. He was an infant child to a neglectful thief of a father. In fact, his father was one of the biggest thieves in the world, Thomas Jones Angryson. Who C.Jay's mother is remains a mystery. It all begins when he first achieves conciseness, what a first memory huh? His father placing him down and stating, "Daddy be back" before putting on a ski mask, cocking his weapon and running head-first into a sting operation. Shockingly, daddy never came back cause daddy was arrested and is serving life in prison, so little C.Jay was but a young lad had to survive all on his own. His father was so irresponsible that no one even knew he had a son. As an idiot child who knew nothing about the world or even how to really survive, he found himself wondering around alleyways and buildings, which lead him to a magical box! It was warm, big, and also had two-hundred and forty volts surging through it! C.Jay did not know warmth really, all he had known was abandonment and cold reality. As a result of that he felt himself drawn to the box, he got closer and closer... and went in for a nice big hug. And it hugged him back with an electric shock that electrocuted the hell out of him! Not knowing this pain at all and being very young, he began to cry and run at the same time. Obviously this was not a smart idea because his tears kinda blinded him and he couldn't see where he was going. His running and crying fit abruptly ended when he ended up headbutting a door. This threw him for a loop because he had no idea what was in front of him at the time... cause he was running blind... But when he finally calmed down a bit and was able to clearly see, he found himself at a temple of some sort... A dojo in fact! The dojo of master Drake Kahn, who's meditation was disturbed by the thunderous explosion that was C.Jay's head hitting the door. He opened the door prepared to battle whom ever had caused the racket but was shocked to find a scared child who was lost and had no one looking for him.
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