The Sun's Tear

"Do you think rabbits carry their skin around?"
"I don't think so. Have you ever seen a rabbit walk around with its skin over its shoulder?"
"Then they probably don't."

In an age where drakaina are going extinct and selkies are eaten as a delicacy, two selkie siblings find their childhood washed away when they find a locket that can raise a person from the dead.
What created the locket — and who wants their fingers on it?


6. Chapter 6


The rain was subsiding, it left a nice smell behind. He wondered why the sea never smelled like this.

"Come here, Sil! The cabin's close!" Arthur whispered, pointing to a group of trees huddled together. 

Sil opened his mouth, but he came to a halt at the sight of a log cabin. He hadn't seen anything like it, humans didn't live in the forests him and Aff usually explored. His stomach dropped at that thought.

Arthur peeked over the bushes they were hiding in, checking if anyone was home, "Come on, Sil!" He hissed, crawling on his hands across the backyard, making sure to stay low to the ground. He hadn't seen anyone yet, maybe they'd gone out searching for him?

Sil crouched beside him, "Who are you looking for?"

"That witch, Celosia."

"Did you follow her here?"

"Yes, and she's not alone. We've got to find that necklace before they come back." Arthur scratched his head, brows narrowed.

"Come back?" Sil's voice rose.

"Don't worry, we have time. We just need to get inside without being seen."

"Oh, okay. I can do that."

The two slithered along the grass, managing to enter the russet cabin. Sil closed the door behind them, both looking around. There wasn't much furniture, just chairs, tables, and cabinets.


Sil and Arthur fell to the floor and ducked their heads, crawling underneath one of the tables that were decorated with a long, white tablecloth. They put their hands over their mouths and waited, sweat trickling down their foreheads.

Two of the women he'd heard talking stepped out of the bedroom. They stepped outside, closing the door. Their muffled voices soon disappeared as they got further away.

"Now!" Arthur said, crawling out from their hiding spot.

They skittered into the bedroom, checking every nook and cranny in the room.

On the night table was a jewelry box decorated with pearls and seashells. Sil opened the lid and rummaged around with his fingers.

An orange stone caught his eye.

He detangled it from the other necklaces and picked it up, showing it to Arthur who gave him a bright smile. A smile he hadn't seen since they'd left Jaris.

"Quickly! Let's get out!" Arthur said under his breath, his eyes obsessively checking the windows, waving his hand at the door.

Sil nodded, "I know, I know."

Tip-toeing through the house, they left the cabin safe and sound – and one step further than the others.

They trekked through the pine woods, watching the outdoors suck up the rain, "We should go back to Aff, and then spend the night at my grandma's house." Arthur suggested, taking the locket out of Sil's hand.

Sil blinked, his brain hazy, eyes focused in one place. "Why did you want that stupid locket anyway? It's of no use to us, and now that Aff's gone I can't bear to look at it..." He admitted, tears gathering in his eyes.

Arthur put the necklace over his head and let it fall, the gem hitting his chest with a thud, "I overhead them. Celosia mentioned she could 'get her husband back' using this locket and a bit of his hair," he hesitated, "I don't know how it works, but, it might be our only option to get Aff back."

"I'd try anything if I meant I could get her back," Sil said, running off without looking back.

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