Misunderstood Tradegy

In a mist of death and confusion, someone of extraordinary mind must surpass the blood and anguish that can be found within an ancient religion. This religion could be everything they’d ever dreamed of, however it could lead to a horrific path filled with riddles and mind games. On this ancient quest, only then will they come across the killer of the Jane Doe.


1. Prolouge

“There is something underneath the skin.” Mr Harrison trembles, his hand softly examines the fair body before him. His assistant Bobby nods, he bends forward and squints his eyes, holding the light closer to the lump underneath the woman’s skin. Both of them standing over her stomach, Mr Harrison reaches for the scalpel to his right.

The woman has dark hair, her roots the same colour as her ends. Dirt had taken her fingernails as it’s home. Her skin had no freckles, spots or blemishes. No bruising in sight, no cuts, no scrapes and no indentations.

Harrison takes the scalpel and places it on the woman’s skin. Taking a deep breath in, he pierces the flesh and cuts about four inches down the stomach. Not a deep cut, but somewhere underneath the woman’s skin, lays a folded piece of old, tatty paper. Harrison holds his hand out and Bobby passes him a pair of metal tweezers. Following this, Harrison uses his glove covered fingers to put pressure on the skin, he puts the tweezers into the shallow cut, deep enough to grip the corner of the delicate material. Like a game of operation, with a steady hand, Mr Harrison pulls the paper out of the woman’s cold body. The room was silent in curiosity. Bobby leans in further with a glistening beam of light to inspect the material. Pushing him away to gather a metal tray, Harrison holds the paper up to his eyes, he sees a unfamiliar scripture drawn amongst drawings he’d never seen before. Bobby scrambles to grab a metal pan to put the specimen in, when he finds it, he places it on the edge of the workspace. Instead of dropping the yellow paper in, Harrison carefully places it; maintaining its condition.

They both turn back to the woman’s body, the skin around the fresh cut was free of blood or redness. The skin still as pale as snow, as pure as a virgin and as cold as ice.

Harrison continues to use the tweezers for the unfolding of the paper. He unfolds it once, revealing a single ancient looking drawing. And he unfolds it again, but this time revealing words written in a foreign tongue. As he unfolds it the last time, Bobby and himself gasp in awe at the amazing image before them. A detailed image of a land which they were not familiar with was mapped out on the page. The two men look towards each other, questions racing in both of their minds.

“What is that? What does it mean?” Asks Bobby, he leans on the iron work surface that the pale female lays still upon.

“I have never seen anything like this in all my years in this business...” Mr Harrison replies, he stands speechless, “Where was she found again?”

“In the middle of a fairground after hours sir.” Bobby replies, the Jane Doe had been found near a Ferris wheel, a Miss Whittaker had found her upon her round of bin duties around the grounds.

“Her airways are clear, her mouth is clear...” Harrison states as he checks the following, Bobby runs to write the findings on the nearest chalk board.

“No signs of suffocation. No signs of burning, nor are there any damage to limbs. Neither any physical external damage.” Harrison stays confused, he prods the body carefully, feeling the sickeningly soft skin under his latex covered fingertips. He picks up a bigger knife, and places the tip at the top of Janes chest. He presses down and proceeds to make a slightly deeper and much longer slice down the body than before. Pulling the knife out, he pulls the skin away from the frame of the body, he sees a sore sight.

Jane Doe’s lungs appeared to be burnt, along with her heart and her liver. Her kidneys were nowhere to be seen. Each organ present in her body looked used- second hand. Worse than second hand, like they had been removed from her body, burned to a crisp and been put back in. That seemed like a theory to Mr Harrison, but there was no physical damage to Jane’s body. Harrison looks up at Bobby in despair,

“Call in Miss Spearman. This is a special circumstance.”

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