Misunderstood Tradegy

In a mist of death and confusion, someone of extraordinary mind must surpass the blood and anguish that can be found within an ancient religion. This religion could be everything they’d ever dreamed of, however it could lead to a horrific path filled with riddles and mind games. On this ancient quest, only then will they come across the killer of the Jane Doe.


2. Chapter One- What You Don't Know

“Miss Spearman, we have a case that we desperately need your expertise in” Bobby speaks clearly and loudly down the telephone. He does this so he doesn’t have to repeat himself.

“Mhm.Hmm, yes.” He trembles, looking over at Harrison who is attempting to study the piece they had just recently found within the woman’s body. The light above the corpse flickers for a while then continues as normal. Neither man flinches, it was normal for this office.

“I think you’ll have to see for yourself...” Bobby replies to the woman over the phone, he puts his fingers through his hair in an attempt to calm himself down.

Slamming the phone down, Bobby once again scrambles to the work table, where Mr Harrison had his head in his hands.

“Are you okay Mr H?”

“Bobby, I can’t say... I can’t wrap my head around this. No scars no bruising! It’s impeccable!” Harrison screams as he flails his arms around his head; trying to make sense of the unruly situation.

“Spearman told me she’d be here within the hour, why is she the best one for the case, H?” Bobby was a new assistant of Harrison’s, he was very good, he had initiative, but what Harrison didn’t like is that ‘the boy has too many questions’. Harrison glanced over at Bobby, and pauses,

“Because...she is an expert in these weird, twisted things. She has a knack for puzzle solving and she is the riddle master of the force.” Bobby laughs in response,

“Riddle master?” He repeats through a smirk. The older man laughs at the mockery of his choice of words, trying to forget the scenario that is currently playing out in his basement coroners office.

Half an hour passes by, several minutes of Harrison going back and fourth between the paper and the hand written notes on the chalkboard on the other side of the room. Another few minutes are taken up by Bobby’s frequent questions, Harrison didn’t mind them, especially that he didn’t even understand the case either.

The men hear a loud, but gentle knocking on the door upstairs. Harrison gestures for his assistant to go and answer it while he once again attempted to identify the foreign tongue. After running up the stairs that creaked with each heavy footstep, Bobby grabs the door handle and adjusts his apron. Pulling the door open, the dim light above the door shines out into the darkness. The light illuminated a young face, her warm toned skin, complimented by the warmth of the breeze floating on the nights sky. Bobby saw she had dark eyes, and red lips, he saw the confidence she had within herself. He saw the opportunity to speak to the young woman,

“Welcome, riddle master, the coroner is downstairs.” Bobby tries to hold back the laughter, remembering that she wasn’t present for his and Mr H’s discussion.

“Yes, well.” She pushes him aside and makes er way down stairs which don’t seem to creak at the pressure of her feet. The only sound to be heard is the sound of her black stilettos on the wooden flooring. She finds her way to the main office with ease, Bobby glazes over it, assuming that all coroners offices looked very similar. Pushing open the door, Spearman heads straight for the black glove dispenser on the far wall,

“Lydia Spearman. You called?”

“Not me, my assistant. Did he tell you much about our special case?”

“No. Just that I had to see it with my own eyes. That is why I am here, is that okay with you?” She places a glove on her left hand, and then her right hand. Harrison nods, he steps back to allow her more space at the work surface.

“Does she have a name?”

“She’s a Jane Doe. No identification on her when found.” Harrison sounds more official than what Bobby has ever heard, he’s always known H to be more of a jokey boss, however this was a more specialist case. Bobby stands in the doorway, watching the interaction between the two people.

“Be careful Miss Spearman, this is something like you have never seen before.” Harrison trembles in his words, breathing heavily but then controlling himself towards the end of his sentence.

“Call me Lydia. And not to be rude Mr H, but never assume what I have seen in my line of work. People are twisted and cruel.” She demands, pointing towards the metal tray containing the piece of rotting paper, “Is this the specimen you wanted me to take a look at Mr H?” Bobby tilts his head in amusement, ‘Mr H’ is a term that he’d only ever heard coming out of his own mouth. Harrison nods at Lydia and passes her a pair of tweezers, she refuses and picks the paper up gently with her finger tips. Firstly, she acknowledges the foreign scripture,

“Awọn aaye dudu ti ilẹ gbọdọ wa ni ṣawari ṣaaju ki ọkan le tẹ.” She speaks confidently through the unfamiliar words, she could have been saying them completely wrong, but to Harrison’s and Bobby’s knowledge, she was on point. She thinks for a second, Harrison and Bobby exchange looks of confusion and brief nervousness before she speaks once again:

“Roughly translates to...’One must explore the dark areas of the ground, before one can enter’. It is the tongue of a traditional religion in Southwest Nigeria; Yorubá. Magnificent, extraordinary...” Spearman turns the paper sideways and begins to study the ancient scrawling beside the now familiar words.

“Sorry, but how do you just know that?” Asks Bobby, instantly he regrets ever asking the question. Lydia whips her head around to stare at Bobby, looking him up and down before providing him with an answer.

“I have spent years studying ancient tribes, religions, cultures and people. I can tell you about people that you have only ever heard of in video games. You have an understanding, but you do not know them like I do. So before, Mr Bobby, you critique me and my knowledge on the earths history, I suggest you educate yourself. Pick up a book.” With each word, her voice raises its volume until she is shouting at the teenage assistant. The woman, around the same age as Bobby, knew what she was talking about, it shows how much one can achieve within eighteen years of a persons life. Bobby looks at Mr Harrison, stunned, he is paralysed in his stride towards Lydia.

"This, Mr H, is a map. A map of Southwestern Nigeria, where the religion was known to be formed." Lydia glares up at Harrison before speaking again.

"Our Jane Doe over here must be connected to this place... Maybe she was killed there? Born there?"

"I doubt she was killed there, how and why would someone bring her back to Seattle to dump her in a fairground?" Bobby places his input into the conversation, Harrison looks at him wide eyed, to tell him to be quiet. Lydia taps her long fingernails on the metal counter, as she hums a tune.

"Do you guys hear that?" Lydia stops humming, Harrison smacks his hand on the table in response to Bobby's comment, trying to tell the room to shut up. A quiet murmuring noise fills the space, they all cock their ears towards the dead body, listening intently. Harrison snatches the scalpel from the table and begins to cut into the woman's heart,

"H! What do you think you're doing?" Screams Spearman grabbing the doctors arm and pulling it away.

"It's coming from in here." He acknowledges, tapping the woman's burnt heart through the gloves. "Can't you hear it?"

"Of course I can hear it! Just do it..." Although Lydia seems upset, she continues to watch, after all, she says she's seen much worse than a cut up body. Harrison proceeds to make a small incision in Doe's heart, revealing a small pocket watch. After passing the watch to Bobby to clean under the tap, Harrison behind to prod the rest of the organ, checking for anything else unusual.

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