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  • Published: 28 Jun 2018
  • Updated: 16 Jul 2018
  • Status: Complete
This is a story about a married couple but her husband is a alcoholic and she’s trying to make him see sense to stop drinking too much alcohol he doesn’t listen to her but she still loves him even through their twists and turns there are three books in the series


7. The party


Cass was making dinner. I can’t ignore him for long obviously he’s going to ask me why I’m not talking to him well dinners ready so I’ll put it on the table and then see if he talks to me. Aren’t you eating Cass you haven’t touched your food yet Cole asked her . I’m not really hungry she said to him. What you haven’t had anything to eat since you came back from work. You eat I’m going to make myself a mug of coffee Cole. Is it something that I said to you before that your upset whatever it was I’m sure that I can fix it. No there’s nothing wrong Cole. Well I want you to eat love can you please do that for me Cass. Okay then . While they were having dinner they heard a knock on the door . I’ll go it was Lilly casse’s younger sister. Hi Cole she said to him when he opened the door I wanted to know if you would like to come to my birthday party it’s going to be down at the beach eight o’clock can you come. Yeah sure we will come Cass told her. When Lilly left Cass looked at Cole she could tell that there was something wrong what’s wrong with you Cole. I’m not in a mood for a party Cass you can go if you want to. Well I want you to come with me Cole you can go out anyway so why can’t you go to the party Cole. Are you judging me or something about where I go and don’t go Cass. Huh why would I do that to you your my husband and I love you. I’ll see can’t promise you darling. Okay then she kissed him on his cheek ill get trough to him then he will say yes for sure 



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