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  • Published: 28 Jun 2018
  • Updated: 16 Jul 2018
  • Status: Complete
This is a story about a married couple but her husband is a alcoholic and she’s trying to make him see sense to stop drinking too much alcohol he doesn’t listen to her but she still loves him even through their twists and turns there are three books in the series


12. Problems

Were you some kind of idiot punching him Cole your mood just gets worser every day Cass told him . Does not my moods completely fine love. Oh yeah is that why we argue about you drinking and we have got other problems too so don’t tell me that your completely fine Cole. He went and sat down next to her come on get up he tried to lift her arm up get up Cass you can’t stay here forever you know . Let  go of me and leave me alone Cole I can’t believe that we can’t have a descent relationship without you destroying it for both of us you should know what the major problem is Cole your drinking . So I don’t get a single word in this it makes me feel unhappy about seeing you being so angry and sad Cass he said to her.

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